An opportunity for operators to expand earnings.

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Operating a restaurant requires efficient management, great customer service, and adaptability. Mastering these skills adds to the restaurant’s success and aligns with the expertise franchisees need across various industries. While entering a new sector may seem intimidating, many skills overlap, making it easier for franchisees to diversify their portfolio. 

Diversifying a franchise portfolio offers several advantages to franchisees. One benefit is financial stability, achieved by having multiple income sources. Different businesses may have varying cash flows, so balancing financial inflows and outflows throughout the year helps stabilize overall productivity. 

There is also a reduced risk when franchisees are not dependent on one industry. Different industries may not be equally affected by economic cycles. For example, while the restaurant industry might face challenges during economic downturns, essential services like oil changes tend to remain more stable.

With historical system-wide same-store sales growth, Valvoline Instant Oil Change continues to grow the franchise community through a proven and thriving business model. “Right now, we have an incredible, established, sophisticated, and well-capitalized franchise base that truly shares our people-first culture,” says Lisa Culp, Senior Director of Franchise Operations at Valvoline Instant Oil Change. “We’re proud of our franchisees and see a great opportunity to bring in new franchise partners to join that success. With tested and proven marketing programs, virtual and hands-on training, market development tools, and business growth consulting, our support spans from the first moment of interest to long after becoming a franchisee.”

Quick-service restaurants and automotive franchises thrive with a business model focusing on efficiency and customer satisfaction. “If you take a multi-unit, quick service restaurant operator who already understands the fundamentals of running a retail business and considers the opportunities within our system, we believe they can find significant synergies and be successful within our model,” says Adam Worsham, Chief Franchising Officer at Valvoline Instant Oil Change. 

Restaurant operators face daily challenges that don’t exist in the automotive industry, such as food spoilage. “The products we offer don’t expire,” Culp says. “One of the biggest costs to control for restaurants doesn’t exist in our model. Eliminating food waste, an average guest ticket of around $100 at company-operated stores, and over 50 customer visits per day is attractive to potential franchisees.”

Another benefit of investing in the automotive preventive maintenance industry is a consistent demand for products and services. Valvoline has shorter operating hours and fewer employees than the average quick-service restaurant. “We require fewer people to deliver our promise because we assign specific roles and duties to each employee, maximizing their efficiency”, Culp says. “This approach allows us to optimize labor costs. We can easily adjust and onboard new talent in a timely fashion with our hands-on modular training.”

Valvoline’s specialized menu of preventive maintenance services enhances employee efficiency by allowing focused, timely training. Their award-winning training program, proprietary technology, and SuperPro process ensure team members become impactful in a short time period. 

With extensive experience managing nearly 900 company-operated stores across North America, Valvoline’s team provides a wealth of knowledge and comprehension support tailored to each franchisee’s needs. “Beginning with discovery day and onboarding, our team is in the business and uses our multi-unit experience to ensure franchisees have the tools for success,” Culp says. “The learnings from our company stores are shared through marketing programs, SuperPro operating process, business coaching, proprietary technology, and thorough training.”

Franchising with Valvoline Instant Oil Changes offers a stable and proven business model with strong support and consistent demand. This allows experienced, well-capitalized retail operators the opportunity to diversify their portfolios, reduce risk, and achieve financial growth. Valvoline’s people-first culture and comprehensive resources ensure franchisees have the tools for success in the automotive aftermarket industry.

For an opportunity to be a part of a proven brand with consistent results, visit Valvoline today. 

By Olivia Schuster 

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