Platform empowers operators to boost business.

With the DoorDash platform reaching 94 percent of the population as of December 2021, its reimagined Merchant Suite optimizes both in-house and off-premises operations. Whether a restaurant wants to increase its online presence, attract new customers, or expand order volume and size, DoorDash can help partners succeed with its unique set of optimal performance tools.

“I like to think of our Merchant Suite as a ‘choose your own adventure on DoorDash’ guided experience shaped directly by partners’ feedback,” says DoorDash c hief r evenue officer Tom Pickett. “Our goal is to give restaurants more opportunities to grow, be more profitable, and operate efficiently in today’s online convenience economy.” 

Modern Bread and Bagel, an all-gluten-free, all-Kosher, artisanal Upper West Side restaurant and bakery, leverages the DoorDash Merchant Suite to grow its online marketplace, attract and retain customers, and increase order volume through targeted promotions. 

Pre-pandemic, the venue had no delivery-based segment but rather focused on dine-in and takeout brunch fare and also served dinner at its sister restaurant, Thyme and Tonic Kitchen & Bar. When indoor dining shuttered early in the pandemic, owner Orly Gottesman—patisserie-trained chef by way of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute in Sydney, Australia—knew she had to pivot quickly to both a delivery-friendly menu and a delivery-friendly platform. 

Disappointed with other platforms’ limited delivery reach, Gottesman switched to DoorDash. “DoorDash Marketplace is a well-known app everyone has. People rely on DashPass as well,” says Gottesman, citing its greater accessibility, reach, response time, and customer service. She also uses On-Demand Delivery, which leverages DoorDash’s network of Dashers to deliver orders placed on the Modern Bread and Bagel website, “to expand our customer reach, from Washington Heights down to the Village.” 

Customer retention has been so successful, Gottesman’s team opened a second New York City location on 14th street in Chelsea, as well as imminently opening a third location in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, “which is a new demographic for us, so we want to take advantage of as many marketing tools as possible,” Gottesman says. 

Growing the online platform begets attracting new customers, with DoorDash Sponsored Listings and Promotions encouraging customers to place orders. And that growth and increase in customer base begets an increase in order volume and size, and thus profits.

“According to a 2022 internal survey, 87 percent of surveyed merchants partner with DoorDash mainly to attract more customers, and our in-app marketing tools help restaurants get noticed by new customers,” Pickett says. “Sponsored Listings are pay-per-order—not per click—ads featured in highly visible places on the DoorDash app. And the DashPass membership program provides merchants access to more than 10 million (as of year-end 2021) users who on average spend more and order more frequently on DoorDash. For restaurants looking for white-label options, Storefront allows them to easily add online ordering to their own website and start receiving direct, commission-free delivery and pickup orders.”

With its newly reimagined Merchant Suite, DoorDash now offers restaurants more tools than ever to attract and retain guests, as well as to take control of their businesses. -By Jocelyn Winn

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