Investing in the right equipment for your drive thru leads to a better ROI and customer engagement.

The drive thru is a vital customer touch point for quick-serves, and digital technology is allowing operators to communicate with consumers like never before. The flexibility of digital signage and its ease of use make it one of the most important investments for many restaurants.

Yet the drive thru is also one of the harshest environments for equipment. Being placed outdoors open to the elements, vandals, and drivers, this equipment has to be tough to stand up to the demands of the drive thru.

Durability and security are key concerns, and operators can’t use just any equipment. What works inside the restaurant won’t necessarily work outside, and different specifications, such as the ability to withstand drastic temperature changes, affect an operator’s decision on which types of equipment to purchase.

That’s why operators should purchase products made specifically for the demands of the drive thru by suppliers who understand the unique strains the environment puts on the equipment.

Investing in equipment made for the unique needs of the drive thru is the key for maximizing the return on investment for these items. Here are a few choices for tough, reliable equipment designed specifically with the demands of the drive thru in mind:


1. Peerless-AV

Peerless-AV’s Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Boards are functional, reliable, and durable weatherproof solutions. With the ability to quickly and easily change content, QSRs can appeal to all customers with eye-catching content. “Today’s consumers are digitally driven, and QSRs need to communicate with this in mind,” says Brian McClimans, vice president of global business development. “Fresh content is the expectation and business operators have to move to the next medium to best appeal to their customers.”

RF Technologies Inc.

2. RF Technologies Inc.

RF Technologies offers a variety of solutions designed specifically to help operators maximize the profitability and efficiency of the drive thru. “As pioneers within the industry, we proudly revolutionized speed of service and created a competitive atmosphere within the QSR industry,” says Bob Noorian, president and CEO of R.F. Technologies Inc. “Our products, solutions, and strategies help you save money and maximize ROI, making RFT your trusted source for everything drive-thru.”


3. Awnex

Awnex’s Seattle family of architectural enhancements is designed to provide unmatched water management for the drive thru and entrances for new or remodel construction. Seattle’s integrated gutter provides unparalleled functionality and flexibility while ensuring brand consistency in style, color, and configuration on any building type. “The Seattle family is in complete sync with Awnex’s goal to help our customers sell more by elevating their customers’ experience,” says Steven McLendon, president of Awnex. At the heart of every Seattle Canopy is Awnex’s Bolt-On™ speed-to-revenue methodology designed to simplify installation with the sole purpose of opening the store on time and in budget.


4. NextX

Improving the speed of customer interactions is vital to improving order accuracy and the perception of friendliness in your team members. SMARTsos guides managers and leaders to find the cause of speed and service challenges to fix key behaviors impacting a restaurant’s performance and the bottom line. “SMARTsos is designed for leaders to monitor, manage, and adjust in real-time to build team behaviors across each of these dimensions,” says Yvonne Heyne, CEO of NextX. “Diagnosing the cause, solving systemically, and guiding consistent execution drives performance, satisfaction, and profit increases on a global scale for our clients.”


5. HyperActive Technologies

HyperView® digital indoor and outdoor menu displays not only improve the overall look of your restaurant, but they also eliminate the high cost of printing, distribution, and labor required to manage static signs. Best of all, you can adapt the menu by day part, location, or any criteria you choose and present a cleaner, more organized menu that will simplify your guests’ decisions and speed them through the queue. “Everybody’s racing for the same thing: to engage customers through digital signage,” says Mark Gillie, vice president of sales at HyperActive Technologies. “As an Acrelec Company, HyperActive’s digital technology has the ability to do just that. Our global expertise positions us to provide the tools that will help support a brand’s competitive advantage by improving a customer experience and then bringing that customer back to the restaurant.”

Your customers expect a quick and easy drive-thru experience facilitated by today’s newest technology. Keep them happy by ensuring your equipment can stand up to the toughest conditions.

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