A delicious option for environmentally conscious diners. 

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As dietary preferences shift and environmental concerns grow, quick-service restaurants face the urgent need to evolve their offerings. Finding the best products that meet this demand can be difficult, especially when working with new foods that haven’t been previously available at quick-service restaurants. 

Impossible Foods stands at the forefront of a culinary revolution, catering to the ever-evolving concerns of consumers worldwide as more individuals pivot towards plant-based diets. Whether for health reasons, ethical considerations, or environmental sustainability, the demand for plant-based options in quick-service restaurants has skyrocketed. 

Impossible Foods meets this demand head-on by offering a wide range of delicious, nutrient-dense products which are better for the planet and mimic the taste and texture of meat. “When developing our products the traditional animal product is our benchmark,” says J Michael Melton, head of culinary at Impossible Foods. “We don’t put out any product unless it’s as good or better than its animal counterpart.” 

This innovative approach satisfies the cravings of omnivores looking to diversify their diet with more plants, without sacrificing flavor. “We’re redefining the meat category and elevating the dining experience,” Melton says. “Consumers can now have a burger or hot dog that tastes like an animal product but comes from plants.” 

By incorporating Impossible Foods’ products into their menus, quick-service restaurants can attract a broader customer base, adapt to changing consumer trends, and play a part in promoting a more sustainable food system. “Sustainability is our number one driver,” Melton says. “Our Impossible Sausage Patties generate 73 percent less greenhouse gasses and use 46 percent less land area and 80 percent less water versus traditional pork sausage from pigs.” 

The versatility of Impossible Foods’ products is a game changer. The products seamlessly integrate into a wide array of culinary creations making a perfect fit for any menu. “Many of our products lend themselves to versatility,” Melton says. “For example, our breakfast sausage can be served whole on an english muffin or chopped up and incorporated into a breakfast sausage gravy or omelet. Our products can be used in different dishes in all dayparts and in many ways, allowing for seamless integration onto any menu.” 

Impossible Foods continues to grow, focusing on innovative products while maintaining good relationships with its quick-service restaurant partners. “We’re more than a product, we’re also an extension of our partners and their teams striving to attract new customers through versatile products,” Melton says. “Our products will continue to evolve with consumer trends, and we will continue striving to put the best products out.” 

“We’re not done here,” Melton says. “We keep striving to be the benchmark in plant-based meat alternatives.” This forward-thinking approach highlights dedication to staying ahead and meeting evolving needs. As dining habits shift towards sustainability, Impossible Foods leads, embracing the future with innovative plant-based products.

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By Abby Winterburn 

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