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The restaurant industry is rapidly evolving, with diners like Black Bear Diner at the forefront, blending modern training tools with the classic American, small-town diner experience. As part of this evolution,  Black Bear Diner has teamed up with Wisetail and PlayerLync, enhancing its training and operational strategies across its 159 locations. 

“We want to grow into every state in the union, but maintain that essential hometown feel,” says  Camille Chavez, Vice President of Training and Development at Black Bear Diner. This ambition is supported by the partnership of Wisetail and PlayerLync, which enhances the diner’s growth strategy through learning and operations tools. 

Chavez praises Wisetail’s platform for its engaging, social-media-like environment that cleverly integrates training elements. “It’s like training snuck into your daily scrolling,” Chavez says. Meanwhile,  PlayerLync has been transformative since its introduction in 2015, replacing old training binders with dynamic digital content management tools, ensuring operational consistency and adherence to high standards throughout the diner’s network. 

Wisetail has been instrumental in Black Bear Diner’s training efforts, creating an immersive learning experience that resonates with employees and helps preserve the diner’s rich traditions through interactive storytelling, immediate on-the-spot training, and digital reference tools. Similarly,  PlayerLync’s technology offers an effective content management platform, ensuring Black Bear locations maintain quality and consistency across all locations. This approach helps every team member uphold the diner’s commitment to quality, regardless of their location. “The technology that we’re using with PlayerLync focuses on improving operations, looking for those efficiencies, helping with back-of-house prep, and just everything that from an operations standpoint makes their lives easier, which helps them take care of our guests,” says Joanna Dean, vice president of I.T. & culinary services. 

Black Bear Diner is not just increasing its number of locations but is also significantly enhancing the quality of its employee engagement and customer service. The collaboration with Wisetail and  PlayerLync equips team members to deliver the exceptional service and homestyle comfort food that  Black Bear Diner is celebrated for. 

“We are thrilled about what this partnership brings,” Chavez says. “It’s a fantastic time at Black Bear  Diner. We’re not just preserving our heritage; we’re elevating it with the best tools available.”

For more information on how Black Bear Diner is setting new standards in restaurant operations and training, visit their website. 

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