With solid products and sales numbers, Bonchon offers unique business opportunities.

Amid the rise of ethnic cuisine and chicken concepts, Bonchon, a Korean Fried Chicken franchise seamlessly blends both trends in one attractive package satisfying guests and operators alike.

With more than 390 open locations worldwide—120 of which are located in the U.S.—the Dallas-based brand recently celebrated a 12-percent year-over-year sales increase, which, according to Black Box Intelligence, outpaces industry averages in the fast-casual and casual-dining segments. Additionally, the brand has seen its AUV increase by 24.7 percent to $1.57 million since 2018, with that growth trend continuing in the first half of 2022.

“Our high-quality product sets us apart from the competition,” says Greg Buchanan, chief administrative officer for Bonchon. “The chicken is hand-battered, double-fried and brushed with our signature sauce. This process is what makes it so popular and developed a passionate fan base that frequently says it’s ‘addicted’ to our chicken.”

Bonchon’s other menu offerings also help to differentiate the brand. Though it features fast-casual favorites, french fries, sliders, and coleslaw, the menu also features traditional Korean dishes popular among today’s diners but difficult to find in the quick-service space, such as Bulgogi, Chicken Katsu, Japchae, and Bibimbap.

Building on its success and strong culinary offerings, Bonchon has opened new fast-casual and full-service locations in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, and Virginia and is continuing its momentous rise with plans to grow by 20 percent by the end of 2022. It also boasts a pipeline of signed franchise agreements, which will extend Bonchon’s footprint by more than 120 locations, including restaurants in new markets, such as Delaware, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, and Alabama.

The brand, which has earned recognition as a top franchise brand by Entrepreneur, Fast Casual, and Nation’s Restaurant News, seeks new franchisees to help it continue building on this success.

“We want franchisees that are dedicated to operational excellence, are passionate about our brand and maintain a commitment to customer service and product quality,” Buchanan says. “We want to understand applicants’ personalities and involvement in the restaurant industry.”

Candidates should have at least $700,000 in net worth and $250,000 in liquid assets. While single-unit applicants will be considered, Buchanan says the Bonchon is looking for multi-unit deals in new markets, which can help the brand penetrate these regions quickly to build awareness.

Bonchon’s executive team brings more than 30 years of restaurant leadership experience—providing continuous operational support and an in-depth three-week management training as well as guidance through the real estate and construction process plus local marketing efforts.

“We’re so proud of what Bonchon has accomplished, and we’re going to continue making big moves,” Buchanan says. “As we grow, we want to keep an eye on quality. The industry is crowded, and our products—as well as the support of people who are passionate about the brand—continue to set us apart and give us confidence in the brand’s continued success as we expand.”

To learn more about franchising, visit the Bonchon website.

By Peggy Carouthers


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