How the right oil can help you step up your deep-frying game

Quick-service restaurants face an important business decision every day—what is the best frying oil option? The balance between flavor, functionality, and cost all factor into an operator’s preference. 

Should operators stretch the fry-life of an oil risking off-flavors in the finished product, or should they change out oil frequently to ensure consistent taste, but at a higher cost? Quick-service operators now have options that not only deliver extended fry-life to help keep food costs down, but they actually improve the flavor of the finished food.

“If you look at innovation in the frying oil category over the last 10 years, it heavily focused on oil performance, but when we asked operators what’s most important to them, great taste also popped up as an overwhelming response,” said Tyronna Capers, senior marketing manager at Bunge Loders Croklaan. “Our innovation team went to work designing a high-performance blend that provides excellent fry life while maximizing great taste.”  

The result of extensive research and testing is Bunge Loders Croklaan’s new Pour ‘N Fry Gold Blend. This unique blend of high stability soy, canola, and corn oils offers high stability with up to 60 percent longer fry life versus conventional oils, while also enhancing the flavor of the finished food. The versatility of the blend also ensures that operations with limited deep fryers can use the same fry oil across their different menu items.

“Whether operators are making french fries, chicken, or seafood, the new Pour ‘N Fry Gold Blend delivers great fried food flavor for more days versus conventional oils,” Capers said. “With decades of industry expertise, Bunge Loders Croklaan also partners with our customers to provide market insights, fry life management tools, and world-class frying methodologies to drive optimal frying efficiency for restaurants.”

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