Connect your community to real food with globally inspired grains, greens, and smoothies.

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The 2023 International Food Information Council (IFIC) food trend report predicts a rising demand for foods that support emotional well-being, with consumers focusing on food labels and ingredients. Being mindful of the rise in popularity of fresh and healthy options and offering healthy ingredients consumers seek could be paramount for fast-casual restaurants to grow. 

Currito is a fast-casual, globally inspired restaurant brand featuring signature, grain based bowls, green based salads, as well as smoothies. Aligning with rising consumer preferences, Currito offers a variety of elevated ingredients that result in some of the most flavorful bowls in the industry.

“Currito was created with the idea that we could bring real food to the masses,” says Joseph Lanni, co-founder and owner of Currito. “We’re a flavor-first concept, offering a variety of healthy options.”

In 2005, after working for restaurant groups in Boston and Chicago, founders Joe and John Lanni forged a new path together and founded the first Currito in Cincinnati, Ohio. Embodying the fusion of bold flavors and nutritious ingredients, Currito quickly grew. Now with 23 locations in seven different states, nine of which are company-owned, and the remainder franchised.

“Our focus is on providing delicious food with healthy choices,” Lanni says. “Customers can customize their meals, choosing from a variety of options.” Currito’s menu boasts grilled chicken, grilled steak, and baked tofu as protein options, ensuring a range of choices to suit diverse dietary preferences. 

Contrary to common misconception, Currito is not solely Mexican. “While we may be laid out similarly to popular Mexican operations like Chipotle, our menu is diverse,” Lanni says. “We offer grains, greens, and smoothies, incorporating tastes from around the world.”

Currito is gearing up for rapid expansion and seeks franchisees who are motivated to be a part of this growing concept. 

“We’re ready to make a deeper push into franchising. The results have been exceptional in the last few years, and we’re excited to grow Currito more quickly,” Lanni says. “We’re looking for individuals with infrastructure and experience in the restaurant industry. Whether it’s multi-unit operators or dedicated owner-operators, we want partners who align with our values and vision for growth.”

For new franchisees, Currito offers substantial support, including real estate and construction services, plus a 15-day training program at the corporate headquarters.

“We’re committed to ensuring the success of our franchisees,” Lanni says. “From training to marketing support, we provide the resources necessary for our partners to thrive.” Currently focused on regional growth in the Midwest, Currito has plans to reach 50 restaurants within the next three to five years.

“We’re not just selling franchises; we’re building a lasting brand and partnering with the right people,” Lanni says. “We’re excited to introduce Currito to new communities and share our commitment to quality and flavor.”

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Currito, visit their website.

By Drew Filipski 

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