A simple business model and familiar flavors promise a fruitful future for this franchise.

Dessert chains offer a diversification option for restaurant operators, making way for businesses to expand from small shops to larger brands seemingly overnight. The Peach Cobbler Factory is one of these success stories, and with humble beginnings in 2013 at a tiny city market to now being a multi-million dollar dessert chain, it is rising to the occasion of modern day franchising. 

Currently expanding in 20 states across the U.S., with menu options including cobblers, banana pudding, cookies, brownies, waffles, and even churros, CEO and Co-owner of The Peach Cobbler Factory (PCF), Greg George, is eyeing dessert dominance in 2024. 

“There has never been nor ever will be anything like us,” George says. “You can’t find our dessert lineup anywhere on the planet. Our name is iconic and we have an 11-year track record of success. Mind you we have been franchising for less than two years. I would challenge anyone to find any of our menu items anywhere in America.”

This sense of confidence in the company’s growth is due in part to The Peach Cobbler Factory’s food and labor costs being some of the lowest in the foodservice industry, as well as the brand’s simple business model that requires a low startup investment under $150,000, and only taking 3–9 months on average from signing an agreement to opening a store.

But, with growth comes adaptability, and one of the standout aspects of PCF’s strategy for the year is expanding the company’s technological capabilities to match the modern consumer’s needs. “This is the year of transition into the world of technology and expanding on our nine divisions under one roof from day and night delivery, catering, events, and rolling out our new mobile division,” George shares. 

Lowering costs of goods sold (COGS) is also at the forefront of the brand’s 2024 strategy, as well as maintaining low labor costs with its efficient two person in-store operations. “We have nine revenue streams. Our food and labor costs are some of the lowest in the food service industry,” George says. This streamlined approach is matched by the company’s culture leaders are building that consists of fun, love, and prosperity centered around the commitment to providing delectable desserts that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Not only is the company big on vetting candidates, as it only wants top notch franchise partners, but it is also big on support, guaranteeing new franchisees are in good hands. “In 2023 we built a new corporate training center in South Florida. We have an extensive training program to include online training, in-store training program,” George says. “Our marketing assets are massive with a huge vault of ads, videos, reels and daily, weekly, and monthly strategies in place to build brand awareness. We have an experienced team in place to support every aspect of our business. The leadership team is extraordinary from our chairman who has run some of the largest companies in America (GE and Albertsons) and our CEO has a 25-year career of building franchise brands at a high level.”

With a commitment to simplicity, emerging technology, and trusted leadership with a wealth of experience, The Peach Cobbler Factory is poised for sweet success as it continues to grow in 2024 and beyond, promising to leave a unique mark on the evolving dessert franchise landscape.

To learn more, visit The Peach Cobbler Factory’s website.

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