24/7 recording goes beyond security.

Video surveillance has long been a key component in keeping restaurants safe, helping guard against employee theft, or by identifying suspects in the event of a robbery. But as the technology advances and becomes more sophisticated—moving to high-definition, cloud-based streams—video surveillance has become something that goes beyond restaurant safety and security.

“Technology continues to evolve to where video surveillance is higher quality than ever before,” says Maurice Vincent, vice president of sales at Big Dog Surveillance Systems. “The megapixels are stronger, and now you can see microscopic details from any remote location, like all of the information on license plates in a drive thru or exactly who is coming in and out of your restaurant.”

In other words, in addition to its pivotal role in safety and security, video surveillance is helping restaurant management become more efficient. Here’s a possible example Vincent points to: If a disgruntled customer left a one-star Yelp review saying a cashier was rude, a district manager could review the footage. With the ability to fetch the audio and video components, the district manager could then investigate whether it was the employee or the customer that was having a bad day.

Or, Vincent suggests, management can monitor a team’s success in implementing new brand-wide initiatives. For example, a restaurant brand might want all drive-thru cashiers to begin suggestively selling a side of fries with each order of an individual burger. Brand executives now have the opportunity to see, in real time, if each store location is executing the directive.

“If you don’t see it, you can’t train it,” Vincent says. “Using surveillance as a training tool, whether it’s in drive thru or in some other area of your restaurant, the technology has evolved to where you can hear and see what’s happening between that employee and customer, and that’s a training opportunity. That’s something our company is here to help you set up, establish, and maintain within your storefronts.”

Big Dog Surveillance Systems is a leader in the video surveillance field. It’s reached that status by offering restaurant clients custom solutions that can be integrated into any storefront, no matter how unique. Restaurants can choose between 4, 8, 16, or 32-camera package options with HD, IP, or 4k quality feeds that can be accessed remotely. And while the company offers free lifetime tech support, there are no ongoing contracts, monthly fees, or subscriptions.

“Your business is unique,” Vincent says. “Small or large, you deserve a system that provides everything you need with nothing that you don’t. Our experts work with you to assess your needs, building a system that gives you security and peace of mind when it comes to managing your stores.”

For more on video surveillance usages, visit bigdogsurveillancesystems.com.

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