In a fast-changing foodservice landscape, make sure your payroll system is compliant.

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Over the last few years, labor management has become more complex than ever for the restaurant industry, particularly regarding payroll. Not only must restaurants contend with the rising cost of labor, but they must also manage laws dictating how credit card and cash tips are processed. Additionally, state and local governments have recently passed more legislation regarding overtime, breaks, scheduling, benefit allocation, worker classification status and pay, meaning restaurants must navigate a complex legal code to ensure the brand stays compliant and employees are paid correctly. This is particularly problematic for large, multi-region chains that now must adhere to payroll laws that differ by jurisdiction.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the restaurant industry currently employs 12.1 million people, with another 4 million jobs expected to be added by 2027. The problem? The industry already has an astonishing 75 percent turnover rate, according to the National Restaurant Association—nearly three-quarters of restaurant workers won’t stay on the job a full year—and as wages increase, it’s increasingly difficult to attract and retain staff, especially for brands that don’t have the infrastructure to seamlessly keep up with so many competing labor and payroll demands.

To address these challenges, foodservice operations need an onboarding solution that is automated and easy to use. Heartland, a leader in the payroll and payment solutions space, developed an effective structure for helping restaurants that integrates payroll processing needs with other important human resources tools.

Once an operator signs on with Heartland, they meet with a sales representative, who will meet with the employer, help assess their payroll needs and develop a proposal. An implementation team handles the details, and then Heartland takes the extra step of reviewing the employer’s year-to-date payroll to ensure tax liabilities are balanced moving forward. From there, Heartland begins to handle the payroll process, and employers are assigned a dedicated, long-term specialist who gets to know their business inside and out. This saves the employer valuable time as they only need to speak with one specialist instead of speaking with multiple people.

In addition to payroll processing, Heartland also offers HR on-demand services. This gives Heartland payroll customers access to a robust HR library filled with valuable information on identifying and resolving issues. Clients who are also enrolled in the HR+ program have access to SHRM certified resources, as well as Heartland’s team of dedicated payroll specialists who are always available to offer guidance on many payroll concerns.

This multifaceted approach leads to a smoother payroll and HR experience within foodservice operations. Heartland has very high customer satisfaction and retention due to the unique way it serves its clients. The company is a dedicated, long-term payroll partner.

By Davina van Buren

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