This technologically enhanced process can lead to drastic improvements.

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Traditional pen-and-paper operational audits no longer fulfill the dynamic demands of leading chains in the restaurant industry. Franchisees and operators constantly strive for efficiency and consistency across their locations, and Greg Sheehan, director of learning and development for New England Authentic Eats, is no different.  

Representing 156 locations, New England Authentic Eats is the parent company for storied Massachusetts brands Papa Gino’s Pizza and D’Angelo’s Grilled Sandwiches. Since emerging from bankruptcy in early 2019, Sheehan has been focused on modernizing operations, and quickly identified site visits as an obvious place to improve, leading to a partnership with MeazureUp.

MeazureUp’s AuditApp helps multi-unit brands strive for consistency. It replaces outdated methods with a streamlined, technology-driven process. “Before MeazureUp, we used the old pen and paper method,” says Sheehan. “It was not very efficient. It became more of a task for people to do rather than a process.”

The introduction of MeazureUp’s AuditApp to New England Authentic Eats marked a significant turning point. 

The digital platform allowed for real-time monitoring, automated reporting, and customizable assessments that enhanced operations across multiple locations. “You can configure the audits and assessments to go in a logical order,” Sheehan says. “It’s a time saver. For example, If you’re doing a product check we can configure it so that it follows the linear flow of how the products are laid out on the line. You’re not going from one product to another on a checklist.”

To help address some of the accountability and communication issues stemming from a paper based system, AuditApp enables district managers to add pictures and comments to reports. The pictures help simplify the assessment process while elevating the quality of inspections. “We use pictures in the assessments to give people a visual example of what the goal is,” Sheehan says. 

Sheehan also found it easier to train employees by inputting expectations into AuditApp and using the dashboard: “Take our quarterly safety audits in New Hampshire restaurants. These are crucial for compliance, and with AuditApp, we’re able to generate detailed reports every quarter to ensure everything’s done right. After each assessment, we implement action plans directly at the restaurant level to address any issues identified. We recently identified an opportunity to get new floor mats because they were curling up at the edges. Thanks to AuditApp, we could swiftly plan for their replacement, ensuring our standards are maintained.”

The transition to MeazureUp has streamlined operations and fostered a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. By moving away from the easily manipulable pen-and-paper method to a robust digital platform the team can quickly identify and address issues, leading to a significant decrease in repeat problems. The AuditApp has provided a means to not just catch discrepancies, but to prevent them through better training and clearer standards.

New England Authentic Eats’ changed approach exemplifies how technology can drive efficiency, ensure consistency, and preserve brand integrity across multiple locations. For restaurants looking to modernize their operations and embrace a technology-driven approach, MeazureUp offers a solution. “We’ve been with MeazureUp for a while,” Sheehan says. “I’ve watched the tool evolve and it’s only gotten better. It’s essential for us to excel.”

To ditch traditional pen-and-paper methods and strengthen operations, visit MeazureUp’s website today.  

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