Higher off-premises volume makes restaurant technology more important than ever.

While the quick-service industry has faced unprecedented changes this year in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, some restaurant models have been easier to adapt to the new normal than others. Take Sonic Drive-In, for example. The brand, which has traditionally operated without a dining room, has had to make few adjustments amid the pandemic, says Jake DiJulio, director of operations of Mason Harrison Ratliff North Texas, which operates 215 Sonic locations.

“As our business model includes both drive-in stalls and the more traditional drive thrus, we have been positioned to thrive during this time,” DiJulio says. “Our business is comping previous year sales and traffic at an unprecedented rate and shows no signs of slowing.”

This move toward drive thru and other off-premises models is a trend seen elsewhere in the industry, too. However, as brands serve more customers through the drive thru, curbside pickup, or or—in Sonic’s case, drive-in stalls—keeping up with the increased volume means improving speed of service and managing more orders than usual. To manage these additional orders and improve the guest experience, many brands have relied on electronic equipment more than ever before to communicate with customers and team members. Yet this, DiJulio says, has increased wear and tear on the equipment.

“With our sales and customer count comping previous year at double digit percentages, the toll on our audio equipment has been at an all-time high,” DiJulio says. As a result, Mason Harrison Ratliff has turned to R.F. Technologies, Inc. as a trusted partner for equipment repairs and essential components including headsets, batteries, hygiene kits, drive-thru speakers and various other parts and accessories, all of which DiJulio says are quickly shipped to operators.

Greater efficiencies and speed of service are even more important at the drive thru now for quick-service restaurants,” says Maurice Vincent, vice president of sales at R.F. Technologies, Inc. “Keeping all drive-thru equipment operational is even more critical to a restaurant to meet the increased demand of the added traffic through the drive thru.”

For over 30 years, R.F. Technologies, Inc. has helped the quick-service restaurant industry with drive-thru equipment repairs, onsite services, and products designed specifically to stand up to the demands of the foodservice.

“We have really focused on our core competence in the repair area,” Vincent says. “We have four locations strategically positioned to quickly handle equipment repairs from any quick-service restaurant throughout the U.S. In addition, we provide nationwide onsite service to meet that increasing demand as well.”

No matter what a restaurant needs this difficult season, R.F. Technologies, Inc. can help them boost the efficiency of their drive thrus.

“During this time that all restaurants are relying more on the drive through than ever before, it is imperative to have a support partner that is fast, engaged, and consistent in all products and services,” DiJulio says. “We have found this in R.F. Technologies, Inc. It’s a company that has been in the game for a very long time that understands the needs of the customer and can execute seamlessly.”

To learn more about boosting speed of service with better equipment management, visit the R.F. Technologies, Inc. website.

By Peggy Carouthers

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