Learn how a small piece of equipment can make cleaning operations more efficient.

While restaurant operators have always had to comply with health regulations, maintaining a clean and safe restaurant has never been more important. Datassential recently reported that 75 percent of consumers would rather visit a clean restaurant than their favorite restaurant. Key to creating that environment is always having a steady supply of hot water that a restaurant operator—and their guests—can count on.

“Having a reliable water heater is crucial for keeping your restaurant clean,” explains Nathan Seldin, sales manager at Eemax®. “If a restaurant’s water heater goes down, the restaurant has to shut down until the water heater is fixed. You can have average food and people might still come to your restaurant. But if you don’t have a working water heater? It’s game over.”

Another complication for franchisees and restaurant owners is that space is at a premium. With seating capacity restrictions still in place—and talks of more restrictions on the way as COVID-19 cases spike—large and cumbersome water heater tanks take up that precious space.

“Especially during an era when capacity restrictions are hampering profitability, every franchisee knows how valuable space can be,” says Vice President and General Manager of Eemax, Jens Bolleyer. “The space you can save by installing one of our tankless electric water heaters can mean more seats in your restaurant, or another prep area in your kitchen. As restaurants try to do more with less, the ability to be agile is crucial.”

Eemax tankless electric water heaters can be set up anywhere in a restaurant and keep hot water just a turn of the faucet away—no more waiting around for water to heat up—whether it’s a cook quickly washing a utensil, or a guest in the restroom washing their hands. Consider how a standard water heater takes up 100 square feet, while one Eemax tankless electric water heater may use just nine square feet of wall space, does not require any ventilation, and can produce an endless supply of hot water. Often a tankless electric water heater can fit beneath a sink, under a prep station, or in the ceiling. Seldin reports that one Eemax client installed a ProSeries XTP™ water heater, and as a result of the space freed up was able to add an order delivery and pick-up service space.

One of the things restaurant operators love most about Eemax water heaters is that they can be set to code-compliant handwashing temperatures. This gives restaurant owners and operators piece of mind knowing that their guests will not scald their hands. Eemax tankless electric water heater output temperatures can be adjusted to best suit each application.

Tankless electric water heaters use energy only when there is a demand for hot water, meaning they can save restaurants a significant amount of money on their energy bills each year.

“The ROI varies on our tankless electric water heaters—replacing a 500-foot recirculation system with tankless electric can save over $6000 per year in heat loop losses,” Seldin says. “Unlike traditional tanks, tankless electric water heaters are not running all the time, only when there is a demand for hot water. There is nothing more efficient than off.”

CTA: For more information on tankless water heaters that can help you create a safer, more efficient restaurant, visit the Eemax website.

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