Beat some of the most troublesome problems in off-premises dining: food migration and order accuracy.

No one wants their specialty barbecue sauce to drip into their house-made pickles, or worse, hot and cold items to compromise each other—or the paying customer.

Food packaging manufacturer Genpak—headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with 17 facilities across North America—helps maintain consistent presentation and safety of takeout and delivery items to protect restaurants’ products and brand integrity.

A variety of to-go container shapes, sizes, and colors in sustainable, microwave-safe, hinged, two-piece, and vented options abound in their Harvest Fiber, Clover, ProView, and ProView Close-Off lines, for instance, to help alleviate the key problems including food presentation, safety, and food migration.

These containers allow restaurants to offer high-quality food to their customers the same way, every time. “Whether it’s a salad or a steak or chicken tenders, we really pride ourselves on the fact that the way the food leaves the kitchen is the way it’s received when the customer goes home,” says Monica Bowser, corporate marketing manager for Genpak. “Our containers are designed and tested to perform and travel well. That’s all behind our engineering.” With a segmented base and lid, Genpak’s hinged ProView Close-Off containers provide complete meal component separation, preventing food migration by securing each compartment. Genpak’s Clover line has a secure closure system that stacks well without blocking vents.

Genpak products solve presentation and safety needs across market segments with both its reliability and durability, which helps enhance off-premises customer experiences. Choosing the right product is a balance between form and function. “At the end of the day, it’s really based on functionality and what’s trending in the current market,” Bowser says. The same is true for choosing a container for its insulation properties while seeking recyclable or compostable properties across markets. “We receive feedback that the operator meals are arriving warm in our containers. Our goal is to hit those top performance values for the businesses.”

Genpak’s polypropylene containers, which Bowser reports are happily being repurposed by consumers, seem to hit that sweet spot. “They are curbside recyclable in some municipalities and can help merge that branding for business owners,” Bowser says. “What’s important is retaining presentation and keeping prepared meals at the optimal temperature.”

Containers designed with clear lids provide another presentation and safety benefit to help the back of the house visually double-check orders to ensure accuracy, which equates to safety, presentation, and customer satisfaction.

“The venting is a very small but powerful feature because it has humidity control that helps prevent moisture within the products,” Bowser says. “We’re trying to bridge being safe and secure while presenting the orders accurately.”

Evolving within the industry and forging long-term customer relationships is a Genpak priority.

“Overall, Genpak prides itself on having the right experts to continue that legacy, and provide great solutions for the market,” Bowser says.

For more information on Genpak’s packaging, visit the company’s website

By Jocelyn Winn

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