The item was a fan favorite in 2022. But the 2023 version has a “sweet heat” twist.

Round Table Pizza launched a fan-favorite LTO in January 2022: the Large Stuffed Crust Mini Pepperoni Pizza. As its loyal following clamored for the menu item to be brought back, the 400-plus unit, full-service chain could’ve done just that and called it a day.

But that’s not the way Round Table Pizza rolls. “When we’re bringing back a popular LTO for another round, we always want to find something that provides a new twist to it,” says Lisa Davidson, senior director of culinary innovation at Round Table Pizza, which was acquired by FAT Brands, Inc. in 2021.

Davidson and her team ultimately fell in love with the idea of adding into the mix one of the fastest-growing and most beloved condiments in the pizza world: Mike’s Hot Honey. The condiment has been featured on LTOs by other brands under the FAT Brands Inc. umbrella and felt like a natural fit for Round Table Pizza.

“One of the main things that separates us from competitors is that our product is high quality,” Davidson says. “Whenever we source key ingredients, we always want to make sure the product is high quality. Mike’s Hot Honey fits right into that—it’s real honey, it’s not a blend of corn syrup like some imitators out there.”

Specifically, Round Table Pizza is offering Mike’s Hot Honey portion cups on the side of each Large Stuffed Crust Mini Pepperoni Pizza. There were a few different reasons Davidson and her team decided to go with the portion cups, which are now commercially available to other restaurants looking to add the condiment to the menu.

For one, the portion cups offered operational ease. Team members in the kitchen can simply grab a portion cup and place it on the side—no application necessary. Secondly, the portion-cup route granted guests an opportunity to customize their own slices with Mike’s Hot Honey. “We figured, with portion cups, Mom and Dad can still drizzle it on their slices,” Davidson says. “But maybe their kids want to dip it, or find other ways to experiment with it.”

Round Table Pizza also offers sides of Mike’s Hot Honey portion cups for an upcharge, so guests can dive into the versatility of the condiment by pairing it with the restaurant brand’s extensive wing offerings, or its signature Garlic Parmesan Twists. As of mid-January 2023, guests were already loving all of the options afforded by the Mike’s Hot Honey portion cups.

“The fanbases for both Mike’s Hot Honey and Round Table Pizza are so strong,” says Erin Mandzik, director of corporate communications with FAT Brands, Inc. “Mike’s Hot Honey is a New York-based company that’s starting to really gain momentum on the west coast and other areas, where Round Table Pizza is a strong West Coast name. The goal is to merge these two fanbases together by having them enjoy this new offering on the menu.

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