A security system driven by AI technology to provide real-time human monitoring.

Ensuring the security of a restaurant business is of utmost importance. False alarms, unreliable security systems, and unexpected break-ins can disrupt operations and cost business owners thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees. For Rusty Taco, a 40-unit taco chain with locations in the Midwest and nationwide, finding a reliable security solution was crucial to their success.

Rusty Taco faced a multitude of challenges with its security system. Like many businesses, they relied on a traditional alarm system, which was expensive and constantly set off false alarms. “False alarms would go off all the time, whether from a dead battery or a sensor going off if someone bumps the door in the middle of the night. Last year alone, we had about $10,000 in false alarm fees,” says Tyler Moyer, franchisee manager for Rusty Taco.

The situation changed when Moyer transitioned to Envysion’s Smart Site Protection. This innovative AI-driven security system offered a cost-effective solution. Since switching to Smart Site Protection, Rusty Taco has not had a single false alarm fee.

Smart Site Protection provides real-time monitoring and verification by actual human agents. “You have a real person looking inside your restaurant and determining if it’s a real threat. If somebody is causing damage to the business, or they’re unsure, they reach out to you,” says Moyer. “I get way more sleep-filled nights than before because I’m not being woken up every night with false alarms.”

When people are detected in the protected zones, the system sends a video clip to a central monitoring station staffed by professionals who assess the situation. If they see a real threat, the professional agent will immediately notify emergency services. They are able to share the video clip with law enforcement as well as notify Moyer of the situation. Because real people are verifying the threat, Moyer believes police departments take Envysion alarms more seriously and have faster response times than they would with a traditional alarm system.

Smart Site Protection doesn’t stop at security. The system aids in monitoring employee departure times. At times, employees take longer during clean up. There is a grace period allowing the team to exit within a certain period before the alarms are automatically set. This feature contributes to efficient labor cost management, enabling businesses to optimize their time and resources effectively. “If employees don’t leave by their instructed time, I get a notification that people are detected, which helps with labor costs in that sense,” says Moyer.

Another benefit of Smart Site Protection is its ability to function as a silent alarm. Unlike most alarms that go off loudly when triggered, the Envysion system is silent. Intruders are unaware people are watching them and that police are coming. “Not only does it help protect our business, but we’re catching the people committing the crime,” says Moyer.

Envysion also offers integration with point-of-sale systems, which helps loss prevention efforts—this approach to security positions Envysion as a partner committed to safeguarding businesses and their assets.

Envysion’s Smart Site Protection is a prime example of how innovation in security technology can make a substantial difference. For Rusty Taco, it has not only provided cost savings but has also strengthened the security of the restaurants, ensuring their continued success and safety in the quick-service restaurant industry.

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By Olivia Schuster

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