Quick, easy repairs that help the bottom line.


Drive-thru headsets help restaurants achieve peak performance and drive sales, but they can also create frustrations for leaders. Not only are they pricey equipment, but they also break when exposed to the harsh restaurant environment over time. Though warranties initially help mitigate repair expenses, most expire two years after purchase leaving restaurant leaders to decide whether to repair a headset once their warranties expire or to pay anywhere from $825 to $1,050 to replace a single headset. But there is another option: out of warranty repair.


Though out-of-warranty repairs may seem like a counter-intuitive solution for restaurant leaders looking to save money, when done right, third-party out-of-warranty headset repair actually costs a fraction of what a new headset would.


“We can actually help restaurants repair headsets for less than $200,” says Fiona Noorian, COO at R.F. Technologies, Inc. “That’s less than a quarter of the replacement cost, and the equipment is returned to them in like new condition.”


With over 30 years of experience in the quick-service restaurant industry, R.F. Technologies, Inc. has developed simple and affordable solutions for its customers. Because R.F. Technologies manufactures its own parts, the company can fix any broken component on any brand drive-thru headset, providing cost-effective repairs and returning equipment to restaurants in like-new condition.  


R.F. Technologies streamlines the process to ensure repaired equipment is returned to restaurants quickly. Customers may visit any one of the company’s four locations in person, or they may print a shipping label from the company’s website to use for free in-bound shipping to send equipment into a repair center. Once broken equipment arrives, the R.F. Technologies team guarantees it will be repaired and shipped out within 24 hours of arrival. Not only does R.F. Technologies use alerts to ensure equipment is fixed on schedule, but the company employs expert repair technicians with up to 25 years of experience, who are prepared to fix every type of problem. R.F. Technologies also offers 24-hour support to ensure equipment can be used upon arrival.


“We know that equipment needs to be in-store and working,” says Maurice Vincent, vice president of sales at R.F. Technologies, Inc. “With four locations across the country, we are able to reduce transit time no matter where a restaurant is located, and our team can design solutions for any problem and for any size restaurant brand.”


R.F. Technologies consults with brands to develop repair plans that work for them, regardless of size. The company offers flexible per-device or recurring monthly fee-based programs designed to satisfy their customers specific needs.


Additionally, R.F. Technologies provides data on their customers’ specific repairs and consults with them about how to make their programs more effective. “We might say this specific store is spending more than the rest on repairs, so it might be time to upgrade the 15-year-old system at that store,” Noorian says.


Though many companies wouldn’t want to help restaurants spend less money, Vincent and Noorian agree that R.F. Technologies wants to build long-term partnerships with brands.


“We know down to the penny how much we’re adding back to our customers’ bottom lines,” Vincent says. “We’re happy to do whatever we can in our consulting sessions to help restaurants lower their bills. We want to partner with people to help strengthen their businesses and our relationships with them.”


By Peggy Carouthers.

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