A new solution to repairs and maintenance pain is surprisingly simple.

One thing that has always been true? Operators don’t have time to worry about infrastructure breaking or equipment downtime creating costly repairs and headaches. Not only does falling behind on repairs and maintenance cost brands big money in the long run, but it also means operators are being taken away from what they do best: managing restaurants and guiding the customer experience. 

Repairs and maintenance have largely been missed by the tech explosion in the industry, but 86 Repairs is changing that by offering restaurant brands a unique model of service and software to manage the end-to-end repairs process that is as easy to use as sending a text message. 

We sat down with Daniel Estrada, CEO of 86 Repairs, to hear more about how his company is helping operators stay on top of infrastructure and equipment repairs. 

What are some of the biggest challenges for operators when it comes to repairs and maintenance? 

Turnover is at an all-time high, and key staff have  left or moved across locations. When those employees transfer or leave the company, all the information in their heads about equipment service history and vendor relationships goes out the door with them. Along with that, service providers are facing many of the same staffing challenges, and they’re backed up as a result. That means service times have gotten longer and costs have gone up. 

Just because a kitchen sees a decrease in sales, doesn’t mean they see a decrease in service incidents. Teams are running so lean right now and operators just don’t have time to manage repairs themselves. Repairs and maintenance are essential, and can’t be ignored just because budgets are tight.

How does 86 Repairs work, and what type of ROI can operators anticipate? 

Whenever there is a repair or maintenance problem with a restaurant, operators or staff can text us, and we get it fixed. It’s that simple. We ensure adherence to spending limits, track equipment history and warranties, and make sure repairs are managed consistently across all locations and markets. We dispatch vendors and in-house staff as needed, track costs, and recover lost revenue from repairs and maintenance. 

As far as data goes, Peas and Carrots Hospitality—which owns 5 different restaurant concepts in the midwest—reports that its COO got back 30 percent of his time after partnering with 86 Repairs. He had become the go-to fix-it man for the entire brand, but that wasn’t his actual job. 

Another client—Pacific Drive-Ins, a franchisee group that owns many Sonic Drive-In locations throughout California—reported a projected $15,426 in annual savings per location. 

What else should our readership know? 

Enterprise software tools, like Computerized Maintenance Management Systems aren’t the answer to the painful R&M problem. These solutions fall flat because your team is still responsible for managing your data. 86 Repairs is a frictionless solution that requires no training, and no additional software or overhead.

Daniel Estrada is the co-founder and CEO of 86 Repairs. 86 Repairs manages the end-to-end repairs and maintenance process for restaurant groups. For more information, check out the 86 Repairs website

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