The simple strategy big brands are using to save hours of payroll every week.

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For fast food chains, where speed is king, cash handling can be tricky. Common issues faced by quick-service restaurants include human error, theft, robbery, high labor costs, and more. But industry giants like Taco Bell, Papa John’s, and Whataburger have a trick up their sleeves. 

Productivity Soars at Taco Bell

Family Foods Inc., operating 19 Taco Bell locations, had managers spending two and a half hours daily on cash-related tasks. CFO Waylon Dallas sought out a solution, installing Loomis’ SafePoint smart safe solution in 10 locations in the beginning of the partnership—later expanding to all 19 stores. 

SafePoint is a cash management solution offered by Loomis that streamlines the process for businesses. It typically involves secure smart safes, armored cash collection, and an online reporting system.

“Our on-site managers have greatly increased productivity via the elimination of their absence to make bank deposits, as well as the amount of time spent counting money,” Dallas says. 

Managerial cash handling responsibilities were reduced to less than 30 minutes per day, per store.

Papa John’s Consolidates Bank Accounts 

Papa John’s struggled with managing over 600 bank accounts, posing security risks and administrative challenges. 

“Loomis was the name we kept hearing of,” says Amy Anne Turnage, senior director of treasury at Papa John’s.

SafePoint saved Papa John’s over three and a half hours per day by eliminating daily bank trips and bi-weekly change pickups. Cash validation and deposit prep times were also drastically reduced. 

“We feel like we far and away accomplished our objective of improving employee safety,” Turnage says.

Whataburger Saves on Labor Costs 

Whataburger, operating hundreds of locations, also struggled with daily bank runs. Ruben Olivas, director of asset protection at Whataburger, partnered with Loomis to introduce smart safes across the burger franchise’s Texas locations. He estimated that each restaurant saved 45–50 hours per week post-implementation. 

Olivas calls it the “fastest, most effective project at the organization to this day.” The franchise experienced bank-run related time savings and a decrease in robberies.  

A Pattern of Impact

McKay Barnes, executive vice president of business development at Loomis, has seen the benefits of SafePoint firsthand. 

“SafePoint takes the cash out of employees’ hands,” Barnes says. “It helps give visibility, and more importantly, it can get your money into the bank quicker, giving you more liquidity and the ability to do more with your cash and your funds for your operation.” 

SafePoint has proven to be a game-changer for quick-service restaurants. By automating cash handling, these fast-food giants have improved efficiency, enhanced security, and provided their employees with a safer, more productive work environment.

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