This brands business plan is focused on an authentic aa product and a low-complexity operation.

OAKBERRY Açaí is an açaí shop serving bowls and smoothies with an impressive franchise expansion goal. With its roots deeply embedded in Brazil, OAKBERRY has crafted a unique and compelling opportunity. Its winning formula includes a simple, low-complexity business model, a menu focused on the authentic açaí, and a strong brand presence that has already resonated with customers in over 600 stores across more than 30 countries. 

In OAKBERRY’s case, it means the only fruit used in their açaí blend is açaí. “Most açaí products people eat are mixed up with berries, fruits, and other ingredients. We offer açaí as it’s supposed to be through our own recipe,” says Bruno Cardinali, global head of marketing at OAKBERRY. A fully verticalized operation, every bucket of açaí that goes to OAKBERRY shops comes from the same factory in Brazil, guaranteeing quality and traceability. 

“Another important aspect of our product is the presentation—we reinvented the way people eat acai. If you go to an açaí shop, you normally get a bowl of açaí with granola and fruit on top. Our bowls are presented in a cup with visual layers of açaí and customizable and unlimited toppings.” These layers make every OAKBERRY bowl Instagram-worthy. “The Signature Bowl layers açaí in between layers of granola, peanut butter, and fresh fruit. Customers get a good mix of everything and eat everything together, as the experience is meant to be,” Cardinali says.

The experience carries through to OAKBERRY stores, with vibrant purple and the brand’s signature Macaw present in every shop to guarantee customer recognition. “We have a really powerful brand and all the data tells us we have an outstanding product,” says Leandro Gasparin, head of business North America at OAKBERRY. 

When prospective franchisors consider partnering with OAKBERRY, they should consider the benefits of the decision. “OAKBERRY is low-complexity; franchisees can operate a shop with one person–three people during peak hours,” Gasparin says. “Another powerful aspect here is the menu being low-complexity allows for rapid training.” 

Labor shortages make this business model especially attractive as fewer people need to be trained in order to open an OAKBERRY store. Low-complexity business models are the key to being successful in spite of labor shortages and high turnover in the quick-service restaurant industry. A simple operation that’s easy to replicate, OAKBERRY stands out from its competitors as it offers prospective franchisees an alternative to expensive opening costs and timely training. “Investing in the business is not incredibly expensive, especially when you see the industry. The average initial investment range for an OAKBERRY store is between $100,000–$350,000, and the store can open quickly,” Gasparin says. 

 OAKBERRY’s leadership is not just confident about its product and business plan, it has proven its success in over 30 countries. “OAKBERRY is a new brand to the U.S. market,” Cardinali says. “We started the year with 14–15 locations, and we currently have more than 30. We will finish the year with more than 50 North American units. We have proof from other markets that our product works really well with different consumers, with different target audiences, and with different market conditions.” 

When COVID-19 became prominent globally OAKBERRY had only been open for three years; however, it was not only able to survive but to expand during this time. Part of this success is the açaí production OAKBERRY has invested in. “It’s really about the authenticity and authority OAKBERRY has because we are a Brazilian company,” Cardinali says. “We have our own factory in the heart of the Amazon. I think the whole business concept gives us credibility to bring the most authentic experience.” 

OAKBERRY’s remarkable success story, rooted in a simple and low-complexity business model, its pure açaí-based menu, and its powerful global brand presence, speaks volumes. The resilience demonstrated during the challenges of COVID-19, driven by its commitment to authenticity and vertical integration, further highlights the strength of this franchise opportunity. OAKBERRY not only offers a genuine product but also a unique and visually captivating dining experience, making it an enticing prospect for potential franchisers looking for a winning formula in the ever-growing health-conscious food industry.

For more information, visit OAKBERRY.

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