Ensure food deliveries impress customers just as much as dining in.

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Due to the increase in takeout and delivery orders, one of the restaurant industry’s most pressing issues in recent years has been ensuring the safety and integrity of to-go orders. According to Statista, the food delivery market in the U.S. is estimated to reach 350 billion in 2024. By 2028, the market is forecast to grow even further, exceeding the 500-billion-mark. 

As the demand for pickup options continues to surge, maintaining the security of these orders against tampering is crucial for the success of a restaurant. Inadequate take-out containers not only lead to spills and decreased food temperature but also heighten the risk of contamination and tampering, significantly diminishing the quality of food service.

A survey conducted by US Foods gathered information from about 500 food delivery drivers. Of the drivers surveyed, 54 percent admitted to being tempted by the smell of a customer’s food, and about half of those people took a bite.  

When customers perceive that their food might have been compromised, it not only affects their immediate satisfaction but can also deter them from revisiting or recommending the establishment. Operators share similar concerns, underscoring the crucial role reliable, tamper-proof packaging plays in maintaining the integrity and appeal of take-out orders.

Inline Plastics brand Safe-T-Chef stands out in the industry as a reliable brand that produces containers with patented tamper protection technology. This feature significantly reduces the risk of tampering as food containers are passed from person to person, ensuring that to-go meals reach their destination untouched and uncompromised. 

“Safe-T-Chef has a clear, robust design, and tamper-resistant features,” says Carrie Cline, senior brand manager for Inline Plastics Corporation. The all-clear design enhances food presentation, ensuring consumers have an enjoyable take-out experience. “The tamper protection technology safeguards the contents and the integrity of the restaurant brand.” 

Safe-T-Chef’s distinction lies in being the first to offer a tamper-evident, tamper-resistant, all-clear polypropylene product family. “Its microwaveable capability ensures that meals can be easily reheated by customers at home, maintaining their freshness and flavor,” Cline says. This convenience improves the dining experience for consumers, enabling them to enjoy their meals hot and ready to eat. 

For consumers with busy schedules, easy-to-clean packaging is a lifesaver. “Allowing customers to quickly wash and reuse their Safe-T-Chef containers, or dispose of them responsibly, saves time and contributes to a more eco-friendly dining experience,” Cline says. “Overall, Safe-T-Chef’s microwavable and dishwasher-friendly properties enhance the convenience and satisfaction of food delivery to consumers, ensuring that meals arrive fresh and hassle-free, and cleanup is a breeze.” 

“Safe-T-Chef is quality packaging that facilitates stacking, preventing food items from getting crushed en route while ensuring leak resistance to prevent any unfortunate spills,” Cline says. Inline’s vented Safe-T-Chef packaging also incorporates an anti-fog vent that effectively minimizes fog, enabling customers to assess the freshness and quality of their food easily.

“Safe-T-Chef contributes to a positive brand image for restaurants that rely on takeout and grab-and-go services by prioritizing food safety, convenience, and sustainability,” Cline says. “Customers appreciate the reliability of tamper-evident packaging, the ease of reheating, and the modern design—factors that collectively enhance their overall dining experience.” 

Inline Plastics Corporation’s full portfolio, which includes PET options, boasts over 100 configurations. For example, the multi-compartment squares efficiently separate contents and offer sealed sections for dips and dressings. 

To learn more about Inline Plastic’s innovative Safe-T-Chef containers, visit their website.  

By Abby Winterburn 

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