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From independent diners to large-scale chains, the quest for cost-effective solutions for quick-service restaurants is constant. Programs prioritizing financial savings while having a positive environmental impact are rare gems in the industry. Energy-efficient equipment can empower operators to maximize the value of each dollar.

Major cooking appliances account for almost 35 percent of the average restaurant’s energy expenditures, according to a study by Energy Star®. High-efficiency equipment uses less natural gas, electricity, and water and can reduce those costs by as much as 75 percent compared to standard-efficiency equipment. Plus, many energy-saving products produce less heat, which could increase kitchen comfort and decrease cooling costs.

Designed for restaurants and other foodservice businesses that are served by California’s investor-owned utilities, the California Foodservice Instant Rebates program is an initiative that offers instant discounts on energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment. It allows operators to skip the paperwork and receive a rebate as a direct discount when purchasing high-efficiency natural gas or electric commercial foodservice equipment from participating dealers. 

“Conventional cooking appliances are notorious energy guzzlers,” says Craig Whitacre, senior trade ally manager of California Foodservice Instant Rebates program. “But with our program, operators can enjoy substantial savings while investing in equipment designed to minimize energy consumption.”

Since its inception in 2021, the program has provided operators with over $24 million in rebates, and the benefits don’t stop there. The energy-efficient equipment facilitated by these rebates can translate into tangible savings on utility bills. “Our program is a game-changer,” Whitacre says. “Unlike cumbersome rebate processes of the past, we’ve streamlined the experience. No paperwork, no waiting—just instant savings right at the point of sale.”

From fryers to refrigerators, nearly 4,200 models across 24 different types of equipment qualify for instant savings while minimizing environmental footprint and saving $3,000 per unit.  “Fryers are our most popular item,” Whitacre says. “But our lineup extends well beyond that. We’re talking conveyor broilers, combination ovens, and more—all engineered for maximum energy efficiency.”

Beyond California, 13 other states offer instant rebates on foodservice equipment as a way to effectively move the market into high-efficiency products. “We’re continually growing,” Whitacre says. “With each kitchen equipped with energy-saving equipment, we move closer to a more environmental and cost-conscious industry. Our goal is to make high-efficiency equipment accessible and affordable for all.”

While the focus is on pocketbook benefits, the ripple effect of the California Foodservice Instant Rebates program extends to environmental preservation—a bonus worth savoring. With the California Foodservice Instant Rebates Program, quick-service operators are stepping closer to a future where affordable energy-efficient, budget-friendly solutions are the norm rather than the exception. 

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By Drew Filipski

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