Please even your most time-crunched customers.

Restaurant customers expect speed and efficiency when ordering. One recent survey by CivicScience revealed that 42 percent of customers at quick-service restaurants expect their orders in five minutes or less. Restaurant employees need to consistently make quality food, despite high turnover. They also need to implement new menu items seamlessly. Often, this all comes down to a restaurant’s choice of equipment and how intuitive and easy it is to use.

Taylor’s new Crown Series grills ensure orders can be made as quickly as possible without sacrificing food quality and assure menu items are consistent with brand standards. “Our customers come to us for the speed of cooking. They often see a significant decrease in cook times on Taylor grills. That’s a testament to double-sided cooking,” Greg Pryal, senior director of business development at Taylor Company, says.

Another hot topic in the forefront of every industry executive’s mind is automation. “Taylor Grills have an easy and intuitive touch screen with pre-programmed menu items. All the operator has to do is select the menu item that they are going to cook, place it on the cook surface and the cooking process takes care of itself,” Pryal says. Employees need less training and can begin performing their jobs sooner with more confidence, efficiency, and consistency—giving customers products they know and love faster.

Of course, in addition to maintaining efficiency, employees must also eliminate cross-contamination. Not only does this ensure food safety and preserve flavor profiles, but the FDA’s 2022 Food Code requires food businesses to notify consumers in writing of the presence of any of the nine major food allergens as an ingredient in unpackaged food served or sold to consumers. “With the new Crown Series grills that have two to three independent platens, you no longer have the flavor crossover, which is great for food safety around specialty diets,” Pryal says. It is critical to ensure the tools used in the kitchen make cross-contamination less of a concern and allow customers of all diet preferences to enjoy.

Not only does automation take out the guesswork, but Taylor Crown Series grills can have up to 75 menu items pre-programmed, which allows for quicker turnaround in the kitchen and faster adoption of new menu items. “All employees have to do is select an icon of what they’re going to cook and press one button,” Pryal says.

Operators can get creative with increased product flexibility, having the option to cook anything from two-ounce beef sliders to a thick-cut steak. “The Crown Series grills allow operators to cook products up to two inches thick,” says Pryal. The grill features compression cooking which provides the correct amount of pressure for each menu item being cooked, leading to extremely consistent cooks time and time again. The grill’s separate cooking zones can also be programmed to cook a range of different menu items at different temperatures simultaneously without any flavor crossover.

Having the right appliances and automation in a kitchen can make a huge difference in the speed, efficiency, and confidence that customers, employees, and operators have within a restaurant. When cooking the ideal burger can be as simple as pressing a button, customers can rest easy knowing their food will arrive quickly and dependably. “When you take a four-ounce burger and cook it in under a minute—when the operator’s process used to be, let’s say, 3–5 minutes—it makes a huge impact on overall operation and speed of service,” Pryal says.

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By Ya’el McLoud

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