Off-premises, appearance is (almost) everything.

Today’s consumers are ordering out in record numbers. According to Datassential, nearly 40 percent of all consumers say they get food delivery at least weekly. Of course, these off-premise restaurant guests also expect their orders to look and taste the same as they would when dining in, which isn’t always easy to provide.

“One of the biggest overarching challenges for operators right now is to find products that actually travel well from point A to point B,” says Katie Kozlowski, senior product manager for garnishes at Rich Products. “How can you preserve the integrity of your menu item from start to finish, especially now that so many more people are using delivery and ordering takeout?”

If quick-service restaurants include beverage or dessert programs on their takeout menus, these concerns become more pressing. Most whipped topping, whether it’s used as a staple for upselling or just a basic customer expectation, isn’t capable of withstanding the delivery journey well. Many brands completely disintegrate into their carrier within a few minutes. In the past, operators could be sure most customers would consume their order before this happened. Today, it’s a safe bet that a customer who ordered milkshakes for the family through a third-party delivery app won’t be happy to see a melted mess when the items finally arrive. The same is true of whipped topping used as a garnish on a dessert.

Rich’s On Top® Whipped Topping, however, has proven it can survive long hold times, rough handling, and bumpy roads—whether the beverage or dessert is hot or cold. Rich’s On Top Whipped Topping arrives at its destination fluffy and intact, with Instagrammable appeal, every time. When 92 percent of consumers expect their delivered food to be prepared to the same standards as when they dine in-house, as Datassential has recently found, superior stability is important.

“It’s all about appearance,” Kozlowski says. “If the customers’ expectations are met, the operator will get repeat business. Rich’s On Top drives traffic, interest, and sales in a way that other whipped toppings can’t.”

It carries through to taste, as well. Rich’s On Top Original has a light, creamy flavor with a hint of vanilla. The On Top portfolio also offers a range of other flavors—from authentic cream and sugar-free to chocolate and marshmallow—allowing operators to customize their menus while ensuring product consistency.

“Rich’s On Top gives the customer exactly what they’re looking for,” Kozlowski says. “From the time you first grab the product to when you arrive at home or when it gets delivered to your door, you’re getting a consistent experience.”

This stability also gives operators an opportunity to increase the profitability of their beverage or dessert menus. “Some operators include an upcharge for whipped topping, in situations where it’s more of an add-on than a requirement,” Kozlowski says. “This offers a way for guests to customize their orders, which is a big trend right now. Customers are satisfied with the taste and stability of Rich’s On Top and are willing to pay extra, and operators can enjoy higher margins.”

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By Kara Phelps

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