A unique franchising opportunity with room to grow.

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In the fast-food industry, investing in a franchise that stands out from its competition is wise. Savvy Sliders is a rapidly growing brand, differentiating itself with an innovative menu and strategic expansion plans. With unique prototypes, effective location strategy, and commitment to franchisees, Savvy Sliders is not just a business venture but an exciting opportunity to build and grow a market. 

Savvy Sliders saw instant success in 2018 when it opened its first two locations in Michigan. Entering 2024, Savvy Sliders is not slowing down. The restaurant is on a trajectory for approximately 50 percent growth, with plans to open 25 new stores in the coming year.

A big part of Savvy Sliders’ strategy is its two prototype models. The first is a smaller restaurant tailored for carryout and drive-thru orders. Then, there is a larger version with seating for up to 60 guests, measuring about 2,800 square feet, which is designed for family dining and dine-in experiences. “We have flexibility that gives us a great opportunity to maximize the profit potentials of the markets we go into,” Bryon Stephens, chief development officer at Savvy Sliders, says. This flexibility allows Savvy Sliders to effectively cater to varying market needs, from fast-paced urban areas to family-oriented suburban neighborhoods.

Location is crucial in fast food, and Savvy Sliders excels in this regard by strategically using second-generation spaces from previously closed fast-food locations. This approach reduces costs and leverages existing infrastructure for rapid growth. “Being opportunistic to take advantage of these closed opportunities gives us access to lower costs,” Stephens says. “With the uniqueness of our menu and the quality of our products, we can make those second-generation spaces perform extremely well for our brand.” This strategy has enabled Savvy Sliders to transform existing locations into profitable restaurants.

Understanding the importance of a well-trained team, Savvy Sliders provides extensive training programs. The help of digital content combined with a multi-person training crew ensures that franchisees, managers, and teams are well-prepared, even before getting hands-on experience. “We want to make sure they’re going to give the same service to consumers as stores that have been in the marketplace for years produce,” Stephens says. Savvy Slider’s goal is to have every crew member and manager be an expert in their functional area before the training crew leaves, even if that takes four–six weeks. 

Partners of Savvy Sliders can look forward to being part of a brand with significant growth potential. “We’re so new franchisees that sign up with us will be able to reinvest the cash flow from the existing stores that they own into being able to build and grow out a market, in contrast to being with a mature brand where growth is really hard to come by because they’re already fully saturated,” Stephens says. “Franchisees today can become the developers of an entire marketplace for us. They can create and own their destiny.” 

To grow with Savvy Sliders, visit www.savvysliders.com/franchising

By Olivia Schuster

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