Franchisees with restaurant industry experience could be the perfect fit for this growing franchise.
Altitude Trampoline Park
Locations: 85
Franchise Fee: $40,000
Royalty Fee: 6.0%
Total Investment: $1.5 to $3.8 million

With 85 locations as of July 2022, Altitude Trampoline Park is one of the largest entertainment brands in the U.S. It’s managed to fly under the radar as it’s grown, especially compared to brands in adjacent spaces, like Top Golf and Dave & Buster’s.

“We’re one of the largest entertainment brands that someone may not have heard of yet,” says Robert Morris, vice president of development for Altitude Trampoline Park. “It’s allowed us to be more strategic and see what works and what doesn’t work. Our model is not ‘bigger is better.’ It’s ‘better is better.’”

The Altitude Trampoline Park brand focuses on indoor entertainment for families with children ages 3–12. Through birthday parties, book-the-park opportunities, and free play, it encourages families to return again and again—and it recently launched a membership program, which Morris says now generates exceptional revenue across the brand.

“The subscription model is the future for everyone, whether it’s Netflix or a local car wash,” Morris says. “We look at ourselves as the modern-day playground. Why not become a member of our Endless Jumps Program, and visit a place where your kids can be active and participate in the kinds of social interactions that have been lost a lot over the last couple of years? We give families that opportunity.”

Of course, the pandemic was a turbulent time in many industries, and entertainment was no exception. Altitude Trampoline Park tightened its belt, and Morris, who joined the brand in 2020, is proud to say it didn’t lose any locations in 2021—in fact, 10 new parks opened last year.

“We spent COVID protecting our locations, but we also spent it building infrastructure,” Morris says. “When you buy the franchise, we partner with you from site selection, alongside our national real estate partner, all the way through the opening process—and then you have dedicated ongoing support from our operations team. We want to be a good partner and do our part. We don’t consider franchisees just a revenue stream.”

Franchisees with experience in the restaurant industry are uniquely positioned to enter this partnership. “A lot of people who come from quick-service restaurant brands really understand what’s great about Altitude in terms of a park’s increased earning potential and the ability to really fill a need in the community,” Morris says. “There’s a premium on the foodservice in our buildings because you’re inside the park. Quick-service restaurant operators have to worry about razor-thin margins a lot of the time, but you don’t have the same challenge in the family entertainment industry.”

Altitude is looking for franchisees from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds. “There is no set Altitude owner,” Morris says. “We don’t try to pigeonhole anyone. We like to tell people to ‘live the jump life’—we just want to provide safety to our guests and put smiles on their faces.”

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