Save time, reduce waste, and improve efficiency with NCCOs DateCodeGenie.

The restaurant industry is a fast paced, always-moving, ever-changing piece of the American economy. It takes hard work and dedication to survive, let alone thrive as a restaurant in 2023. While the industry is a volatile one, however, it is also incredibly rewarding – serving people the food they love, and creating something that becomes a part of their daily lives.

The endless question remains: How can a restaurant reach those rewards quickly and efficiently?

One answer: Labels.

Yes, labels. It might not be the answer many people expect, but accurate and efficient labeling saves time and money while streamlining day-to-day and inventory operations so everyone – from the cashiers to the cooks to the managers on the floor – can focus on the things that matter most.

NCCO’s DateCodeGenie is built to do exactly that. Here’s how:

The DateCodeGenie automated labeling system gives restaurants the freedom and flexibility to create labels for everything they need. It prints accurate date and MRD (Made, Ready, Discard) labels, prep ingredients, nutrition information, and consistent, dynamic branding for growing restaurant chains. This makes fulfilling mobile, pickup, and delivery orders that have become increasingly common in a post-Covid restaurant landscape easy and efficient as well.

NCCO has been providing foodservice solutions for over 100 years. The DateCodeGenie is just the latest, innovative technology designed to help restaurants reach their full potential. Imagine a world where restaurants quickly and efficiently label food prep items, to-go orders and more while avoiding pitfalls like incorrect nutrition or allergen information, inaccurate sell-by dates or inventory stock, and other labeling headaches.

Accurate labeling also helps reduce food waste. With inflation squeezing every penny out of food budgets, it is increasingly important to ensure nothing ends up in the trash unnecessarily. Use-by labels printed by DateCodeGenie improve organization and help streamline inventory operations, so restaurants (and inspectors) never have to worry or wonder whether an item is fit to sell.

Whether a kitchen needs a stable device encased in stainless steel or a nimble device that can easily be moved, the DateCodeGenie enterprise of solutions offers several models to suit any kitchen setup and circumstance.

Plus – the DateCodeGenie’s centralized cloud-based software portal allows restaurants to modify existing templates or design from scratch with custom fonts, logos, and branding. The software also allows for flexibility within label design, customizing the look and feel of the brand based on specific location.

The best part: The cloud-based portal allows managers to control menu and label operations across multiple locations, creating, standardizing, and customizing labels from anywhere in the world. The DateCodeGenie’s intuitive software integrates seamlessly with existing APIs, and the drag-and-drop label builder makes the design process a breeze, with personalized startup training and continued tech support to help every step of the way.

To see the DateCodeGenie in action or request a personalized demo, visit

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