October figures to be a big month for cash management. Loomis, the industry’s leading provider of cash management and cash optimization systems, will unveil major new releases and updates to its flagship solution—SafePoint—at the AFP 2017 Treasury & Finance Conference in San Diego.

SafePoint by Loomis is an advanced cash management ecosystem that combines cutting-edge technology with Loomis’ industry expertise and customer service. It’s designed to help commercial and retail businesses cut costs and improve efficiency by streamlining cash-handling processes. AFP 2017 attendees will get a firsthand look at key SafePoint features, such as proprietary Titan smart safe technology and the Loomis Direct customer portal and reporting platform.

They’ll also be the first to learn about upcoming SafePoint releases, including SafeSync—the new engine of the entire SafePoint system. The SafeSync platform will launch in 2018, with comprehensive support capabilities for up to 100,000 safes and near real-time system monitoring, which will eliminate downtime due to maintenance or other issues, and provide customers faster access to more accurate information.>

Other 2018 SafePoint releases will include SafePoint Titan Series C smart safes, Point-of-Sale integration, and a new Virtual Assistant.

The Titan Series C is the latest addition to the SafePoint suite of smart safe solutions, specially designed for businesses with low to moderate cash volume. These new smart safes will be equipped with all the essential components for secure, reliable, auditable cash management, including built-in network connectivity.

New Point-of-Sale integration will provide SafePoint customers with a direct link between the POS, the SafePoint Titan smart safe, and the back office, allowing for more accurate reconciliation and quick resolution in the event of an unlikely cash discrepancy.

Loomis’ proprietary AI assistant will provide customers and installers with a fully automated resource for assisting with diagnosis and maintenance, answering service inquiries, and delivering status updates—all from a smart phone.

In addition to SafePoint updates and releases, Loomis is also launching a game-changing, state-of-the-art cash forecasting service for financial institutions, as well as introducing its proprietary Track and Trace software, designed to improve data integrity and package security in Loomis’ consignment process.

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