Allergy-friendly superfood franchise provides unique opportunity with a focus on quality.

Vitality Bowls, the nation’s leading superfood franchise, is setting new standards in the health-food industry with its innovative menu, exceptional customization options, and strong loyalty programs. As the brand looks to expand its footprint across the United States, it offers a compelling opportunity for potential franchisees seeking to invest in a thriving, health-focused concept.

“We started in 2011 and began franchising in 2014,” says Tara Gilad, co-founder and president of Vitality Bowls. “My daughter was born with severe food allergies, so we set out to find nutritious and delicious food she could enjoy, which led to creating smoothies and bowls. Realizing most restaurants didn’t consider allergy safety, we started Vitality Bowls to provide allergy-friendly, nutritious meals using superfoods from around the world.”

Customers find value in quick-service restaurants that offer these types of easy, health-conscious options. According to Datassential, 30 percent of operators say they’ve noticed increased consumer demand for healthier items in the past year, and Vitality Bowls has capitalized on this demand by celebrating National Açaí Bowl Day (NABD) with its loyalty members.

“We offer our loyalty members big promotions, which helps us capture new customers and reward loyal guests,” Gilad says. “It drives traffic to each franchisee’s cafe and generates store-level publicity, and National Açaí Bowl Day was our biggest day of the year with 24.83 percent of sales attributed to the promotion.”

The Vitality Bowls Loyalty Club plays a crucial role in enhancing the guest experience and supporting franchisees. Members accrue points with each purchase and receive a $10 reward after accumulating 150 points. Exclusive promotions, online ordering, complimentary birthday bowls, and special offers like extra points days are just a few of the benefits designed to keep customers engaged and coming back.

“We have the most diverse range of superfood ingredients and customizations,” Gilad says. “Our superfoods outnumber any competitor’s, and our guests can fully customize orders, unlike other brands who use only pre-made scoops and sorbets.”

These customization options allow guests to tailor orders to specific dietary needs and preferences, a flexibility that ensures all customers can enjoy Vitality Bowls without worry.  “Everything on our menu can be made gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free,” Gilad says.

“I believe we have the best loyalty members on this planet,” Gilad says. “Our loyalty club members are incredibly supportive, often visiting us seven days a week. We do a lot for our loyalty club members because they do a lot for us, supporting each franchisee every single day.”

Having just celebrated its 12th anniversary last October, Vitality Bowls is rapidly expanding with over 100 locations open or in development across 18 states. Franchise investment is typically lower cost compared to other restaurant franchises, and offers a strong support system for franchisees.

“Our franchisees are not just numbers in a large organization; we’re small enough to maintain close, horizontal communication,” Gilad says. “Our Standard Operating Procedures lead our brand and ensure the success of all our franchisees, a focus not all franchisors have.”

For those looking to invest in a health-focused, innovative, and supportive franchise, Vitality Bowls offers a compelling opportunity with its proven success, strong brand loyalty, and commitment to quality and innovation. Dana Verducci, a Vitality Bowls franchisee, echoes this sentiment.

“The journey has had a learning curve, but Vitality Bowls Corporate has provided invaluable support from day one, helping with training, store setup, and continuously innovating our product line to keep up with trends,” Verducci says. “The support, including efforts to reduce operating costs, has been crucial to our success. To prospective franchisees, I’d say jump in with both feet! Vitality Bowls perfectly meets the growing demand for healthy, great-tasting food.”

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Vitality Bowls, visit their website.

By Drew Filipski

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