For decades, choosing a baked goods supplier for a restaurant has meant choosing between true convenience and true craftsmanship. European market leader Vandemoortele—and its bakery brand Banquet d’Or—set out to change that. The company’s authentic range of easy-to-bake, easy-to-love pastries and breads has ushered in a new golden era of planet-friendly product innovation. Restaurants and retailers no longer need to compromise—and their customers have never been happier.

Crafted in Europe from traditional recipes and pure ingredients, like real French butter, artisanal Banquet d’Or Bake’Up products are celebrated for their superior taste, texture, and Clean Label promise—all while saving businesses time, storage space, and logistics costs. Now, Vandemoortele has brought its passion for delicious pastries and modern innovation to the U.S. market.

A family-owned company since 1899 with a long heritage of craftsmanship and service, Banquet d’Or has transformed the baked goods industry by constantly pushing the culinary possibilities of their products without sacrificing quality and taste.

Featuring some of the most popular products in Banquet d’Or’s innovative portfolio, the freezer-to-oven Bake’Up line is proof of a rarely-seen commitment to both its clients’ business success and the satisfaction of the consumers who enjoy every bite of these artisanal pastries.

It’s true: Bake’Up pastries go from frozen to perfectly baked in under 25 minutes. Bake’Up saves time, since there is no proofing, defrosting or glazing, and the line also saves up to 60 percent on transport costs and storage space compared to pre-proofed pastries. Additionally, Bake’Up’s versatile line offers superior quality and is Planet-Positive, as it is Non-GMO and preservative-free.

Featured products include the Bake’Up All Butter Croissant and Bake’Up All Butter Chocolate Roll, both made with only Clean Label ingredients.

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