From bean to chip, Ghirardelli is committed to ultimate quality. The company selects high-quality cocoa beans, roasts only the nibs for intensity, refines for smoothness, and conches hours for flavor.

This year, Ghirardelli has added its signature chocolate chips to a new chocolate flavored frappe mix to create the ultimate chocolate experience for restaurants and specialty coffee operators. The chocolate chips create surprising texture and visual appeal in blended beverage applications. The frappe mix is simple to use and coffee-free, so operators can use it for milkshakes and smoothies or customize it with house espresso or cold brew for an extra jolt. It blends seamlessly with coffee, water, or milk.

Specialty beverages are an easy way to add excitement and new news to operators’ core menus. They are perfect for drive-thru and takeout concepts. Ghirardelli’s new frappe mix streamlines the beverage creation process with the inclusion of REAL chocolate, so operators don’t need to source chocolate separately. Also, foodservice operators can leverage the strength of the Ghirardelli brand through the “Made With Ghirardelli” Program. Technomic’s 2020 Ghirardelli Brand Equity study found that operators could potentially more than double their frappe frozen drink sales by calling out “Made With Ghirardelli”. Incorporating Ghirardelli ingredients with foodservice menu items enhances the quality of the product and drives consumer excitement. Consumers are 71 percent more likely to go to the restaurant more often and 69 percent more likely to think the restaurant has an excellent reputation when the restaurant serves products made with Ghirardelli ingredients.

To sample the new Dark Chocolate Chip Frappe Mix and learn more about the “Made With Ghirardelli” Program, visit

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