Consumers are craving a fresh new aesthetic—something exciting that provides an experience while snacking and dining. While flavor is always paramount, there is also increased interest in colorful, “Instagram-able” fun foods and drinks that are memorable and keep guests coming back for more.

Pecan Deluxe Candy Company is thrilled to announce its new popping boba! “The addition to our current capabilities positions us to be the first fully operational manufacturer of popping boba in the U.S., which we are very excited about” says Jay Brigham, president and CEO.

What are popping boba? Tiny juice-filled spheres, encapsulated in an edible shell that burst with flavor. These groundbreaking inclusions are featured in nearly every yogurt chain and bubble tea shop and have recently found their way into a variety of desserts and beverages, though not limited to sweets and beverages. Traditionally available in a range of fruit flavors, Pecan Deluxe Candy Company has expanded flavor offerings and will continue innovation to further develop this new platform.

Add them to a smoothie, slushy or milkshake, a bowl, a salad, or dessert, the applications are endless—just let the creative juices flow, or, in this case, POP!

Food safety and quality is embedded into our culture at Pecan Deluxe through training, awareness, standards, testing, audits, and globally recognized certifications. We are excited to make U.S. manufactured popping boba available in sustainable packaging, a cryovac bag, from our SQF Level 2 certified facility in Dallas, Texas.

Known for quick turn-around time and speed to market, Pecan Deluxe Candy Company is a third generation, family-owned, global leader in manufacturing and supplying innovative food and beverage ingredients. Products include baked goods, extruded doughs, hard candies, brittles and barks, variegating sauces, fruit preps, confectionery coated items, and pralines. Pecan Deluxe offers unique and creative ingredient solutions for many food and beverage categories, in addition to restaurants, including dairy, dessert, bakery, snacking, cereal and bars, confectionery, beverage, and more.

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