How to help your team achieve learning goals and boost ROI.

Every major restaurant brand started out small. Building on any success requires a massive long-term effort from a committed team. It takes a community to grow a brand.

If a restaurant has limited bandwidth or a smaller team, however, it often makes sense to look for an outside partner to help reach the next level. Professional service firms can help lay the foundations for a strong community and provide support for meeting and exceeding organizational goals.

Success depends on creating an exceptional guest experience and empowering employees to be their best. Customers feel more comfortable and have a better all-around experience when employees are adequately trained and confident doing their job. Partnering with an L&D professional service firm can be a great resource for restaurants who want to increase revenue by reducing onboarding time, reducing turnover, increasing safety compliance, or any learning-related goal and may not have the internal bandwidth or resources.

Wisetail’s Learning Management System and Professional Service Packages offer tools that allow restaurants to meet their learners where they are and identify teachable moments—all to drive revenue growth. With deep ties to the restaurant industry, Wisetail’s expertise in learning helps brands streamline operations and boost profit margins by giving restaurants the tools and resources that are needed when those teachable moments surface. 

“Wisetail enables consistency for growing brands. If your employees love your brand promise, everyone who interacts with it will feel that. We are the technology and people behind that movement,” says Ali Knapp, president of Wisetail.

If restaurant brands have limited resources, Wisetail’s LXD Professional Services can help them meet operational goals and develop content that serves the needs of all their learners. Wisetail takes the heavy lifting off their shoulders, ensuring that learning goals stay a priority.

Restaurants seeking a partnership with Wisetail can expect a fully supported learning content development process aligned with the restaurant’s goals. “We’re all in the people business. Restaurants are serving guests, and we’re serving you. We are the technology and people working behind the scenes to ensure your employee experience results in an exemplary guest experience,” says Knapp. Wisetail makes learning and understanding a priority, which has resulted in impressive outcomes for its clients.

For companies such as Bagel Brands, Wisetail drastically cut onboarding time from 22.5 days to 4.5 days, as well as reduced employee turnover by 170 percent—all resulting in a more stable and committed workforce. Other restaurants have experienced an 80 percent increase in limited-time offer sales and a 50 percent increase in gift card sales, significantly increasing revenue. Salata experienced a 38 percent increase in training module completions and a 103 percent increase in LMS logins after implementing multi-language capabilities. Slim Chickens calls Wisetail a secret weapon for their team to ensure consistent guest experiences, and Peet’s Coffee has maintained their labor force through retention strategies within their LMS.

Wisetail sets itself apart from other professional service firms because of its commitment to exceptional customer support. Each restaurant is assigned a dedicated implementation manager and client success manager who offer coaching and constant resource support. “We understand that serving the restaurant industry is not just about technology, but ultimately about people. When an employee feels a part of something bigger than themselves, guests feel that too,” says Knapp.

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By Olivia Schuster

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