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How Restaurants Can Drive Dessert Sales

Sponsored by Haliburton International Foods. American diners are busy, so it’s no surprise that they look for convenient, portable foods to eat off premises. “People are in a rush with kids and jobs, so it’s important for restaurants to cater to individuals on the go and who don’t want to sacrifice flavor just because they […]

The Science-side of Menu Engineering

Menu engineering is an art and a science, but it’s the science part that trips up most restauranteurs. In this article we’ll look at how to gather the right data so the science of designing optimized menus becomes easier. Many restauranteurs argue that the term “menu engineering” has more to do with menu design layout […]

Socialize Your Guest Experience in 3 Steps

Learn how transformation, delegation, and conversation can socialize your guest experience in today's mobile market. Read more at info.inmoment.com/oa-2015-08-socialize-guest-experience-qsr-ms.html.

Costa Vida Generates 39,866 Public Reviews in 6 Months

Costa Vida locations using a certified review site received an average of 105 reviews per month, nearly 270 times more than other top sites. Learn how at www.inmoment.com/resources/costa-vida-generates-39866-public-reviews-for-54-locations-in-a-six-month-period-using-opentell/.

Foodservice Has an Appetite for Advocacy

Find out how your brand can harness the voice of the customer to transform loyal customers into brand advocates. Read more at info.inmoment.com/oa-2015-08-fshasappetite-qsr-ms.html.

Drivers, Differentiators, and Double-Standards

A new infographic highlights key insights and important reminders from quick-service restaurant customers on how you can become the quick-serve brand leader. View the infographic at www.inmoment.com/resources/drivers-differentiators-double-standards/.

Consumer Report Identifies Top Quick-Service Characteristics

A new report identifies trends, drivers, and insights for helping quick-service restaurant brands understand top focus areas for satisfying guests, fulfilling brand promises, and sustaining success. Read the report at www.inmoment.com/oa-2015-08-ci-report-qsr-ms/.

Controlling Restaurant Food Costs

A short while ago, CrunchTime! had a customer recover $12,000 in accidental vendor overcharges…on ketchup. As you can imagine, our customer, a large quick-serve concept, was incredulous. The most exciting part of this revelation was that ketchup was only one of the hundreds of items in their vendor order guides and many had price variances. […]