This fast-casual teppanyaki-style brand is primed for rapid expansion in the U.S.

In a world where speed is king, Pepper Lunch stands out by offering not just fast-casual dining, but an unforgettable, experiential culinary adventure. This brand is revolutionizing the fast-casual scene with its DIY teppanyaki-style dining, inviting customers to “Sizzle It Your Way.” Recognizing the consumer’s desire for memorable dining moments, Pepper Lunch has been serving up sizzling memories with its innovative teppanyaki-style concept since 1994.

Pepper Lunch, with its 508 locations in 15 countries worldwide, has become a household name across Asia and Australia, and made its U.S. debut in 2018. “Pepper Lunch is the epitome of experiential fast-casual dining, offering a high-quality, satisfying meal that not only delights the palate but also the wallet. All this in under 25 minutes and for less than $20. It’s a multi-sensory dining experience that’s hard to match,” says Troy Hooper, CEO of Pepper Lunch’s North American division.

With its established reputation among Asian communities and the growing popularity of Asian cuisines among the younger U.S. demographic, Pepper Lunch is perfectly positioned for mainstream success. The brand’s six existing U.S. restaurants boast a $1.5 million AUV, with over 50 percent of U.S. customers under the age of 35.

Hooper says, “The new generation, Gen Z, is showing a keen interest in international cuisines, especially Asian flavors. Among the myriad of Asian cuisine franchise options available, Pepper Lunch stands out as the only authentic fast-casual brand that offers an immersive, DIY teppanyaki dining experience where you can ‘Sizzle It Your Way.’” 

Pepper Lunch has fine-tuned its operational model to facilitate rapid expansion across the U.S. this year. “Our operational model is designed for efficiency and simplicity. You don’t need a team of chefs or cooks. Our stores operate smoothly with just three to five people per shift, making it a cost-effective and manageable venture,” Hooper says.

Pepper Lunch is targeting large, mid-market suburban communities in the U.S. for expansion. The priority, according to Hooper, is to partner with the best, most qualified franchisees.

Hooper says, “Our extensive experience in the market, our widespread presence, and our global diversification gives us a unique advantage. This wealth of knowledge from our 30-year-old brand allows us to understand our customers, their preferences, and how to meet their needs effectively. We’re rapidly adapting and modernizing our prototype, integrating technology, and enhancing communication connectivity. This positions our franchisees for a sustainable and attractive return on investment.”

“We are poised and ready for rapid expansion,” Hooper says. “With Pepper Lunch, there’s no slowing down. We’re all about moving forward, and we’re excited to bring more entrepreneurs on board this thrilling journey.”

To learn more about Pepper Lunch franchising opportunities, visit the website.

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