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Imagine a scenario where customers receive mixed messages about a brand. For example, national advertising does not align with the messaging of a local franchisee. When consumers encounter different experiences across various channels, it can erode customer trust and loyalty.

Many brands don’t have an efficient way to provide approved brand assets and campaigns to the franchisee level. “Enterprises see these challenges and want a consistent way to get messaging down to the franchise level,” says Jennifer Gibbs, senior vice president of client partnership at Ansira. “They often ask, ‘How do we communicate to consumers in a clear, consistent voice?’ Whether consumers see a national ad on TV or visit their local restaurant, they should experience the same brand message.”

Another factor that can lead to inconsistencies is working with multiple vendors for marketing needs. Juggling different platforms, guidelines, and processes can be time-consuming and confusing.

Leading in the channel marketing space, Ansira offers a proprietary technology platform that helps enterprises achieve brand consistency and market reach. Its centralized marketing hub provides all the tools and resources franchisees need.

Through the Digital Asset Management tool, franchisees can access ready-to-use assets, ensuring their advertising efforts meet the brand’s guidelines. Ansira’s pre-approval services allow franchisees to submit any local advertising developed off-platform to ensure brand compliance before running it.

“The biggest advantage for local franchisees is Ansira allows them to submit any advertising they do off-platform to ensure it’s brand compliant before running,” Gibbs says. “This way, they can’t get dinged for non-compliance. 

Ansira makes co-op reimbursement easy for franchisees by offering direct access to marketing co-op and matching funds on a single platform. These funds can be easily applied to support local advertising efforts, ensuring brand consistency while reducing individual marketing costs. By leveraging co-op funds, franchisees benefit from enhanced marketing reach and impact, making their advertising more effective and efficient.

“Franchisees select digital packages and can see available matching funds,” Gibbs says. “For example, the system may prompt, ‘You have $200 of matching funds. Apply to this order?’ They can use the funds based on co-op rules, which might limit the amount.”

Ansira works to understand the overall goals and KPIs of each franchisee, developing scalable local media, CRM, and website campaigns. Recognizing the importance of tailoring marketing efforts to local markets, Ansira provides tools that enable franchisees to customize assets while maintaining brand compliance.

“While compliance with corporate messaging and creativity is important, we also understand the importance of marketing at the local level. These franchises have varying demographics based on their local markets Gibbs says. “We need to ensure that the local voice comes through and allow them to communicate through the right channels, and our platform is great because it allows for the necessary customization and access to these channels all in one place.”

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By Olivia Schuster

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