Adding the right ingredients can give menu items an upscale feel

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Restaurants are constantly facing new challenges when it comes to providing more for their customers. One strategy that can help restaurants overcome these challenges is to add premium ingredients to dishes to give them an upscale feel. Not only can these high-end creations have the power to attract consumers, but by boosting the perception of value, restaurants may be able to increase sales.

One of the hottest ingredients in foodservice, Avocaods From Mexico are the perfect component and offer a strong perception of value among consumers. Here, Mark Garcia, Director of Foodservice at Avocados From Mexico, shares a few ideas for how restaurants can effectively put premium twists on dishes.

1. Use Sauces to Add Flavor

“Premium ingredients, including those that are on trend and possess exceptional health benefits, add a wow factor to menus and attract patrons,” Garcia says. “On trend sauces and condiments liven up basic sandwiches and salads. Incorporating superfood ingredients into mainstream concepts provides added value that consumers are willing to pay for. Take a buffalo chicken sandwich with an avocado blue-cheese dressing, for example.”

2. Balance Bold Flavor and Familiarity

“When offering upscale versions of classic dishes, operators must strike the balance between offering consumers intriguing new flavor combinations while also luring them with familiar ingredients and concepts,” Garcia says. “Avocado toast is a great example. The trend exploded as a basic staple food was married with a hot ingredient. And now, the concept has a life of its own as operators add innovative toppings and flavor profiles to the avo-toast base.”

3. Ingredients That Work Across Menus

“Avocados add a premium perception to any dish, from scrambled eggs to salads, handheld foods, and even steak,” Garcia says. “Fresh avocados can upgrade almost any menu items across all dayparts and segments. Operators should consider the value of avo-based sauces as a great way to freshen up dressings, dips, spreads, and condiments.”

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