Instant access to technical expertise boosts restaurant efficiency.

With the growth of cloud kitchens, online ordering systems, and contactless payments, 2021 has brought a sea change to the way customers connect with food. Successful restaurants are using technology to drive revenue from both sides of the counter, and there’s no better return on investment than a highly available team that provides swift resolution to common technology problems which otherwise would result in disruption and loss of revenue.

Science On Call, the 24/7 Help Desk For Restaurants, is a subscription service supporting national brands like Popeyes and more, bringing rapid resolution of the technology challenges that cost the owner money and waste the staff’s time. By simply scanning a QR code, employees are met with multi-channel options to connect with active support team members, even on nights and weekends.

“Internal IT staff can be expensive for a growing franchise group,” says Andy Freivogel, CEO of Science On Call. “Third party IT consultants would rather be splitting their time between dentists’ offices and law firms. Science On Call speaks restaurant, and we work restaurant hours. That’s why operators are trusting us to support their stores.”

Drive-thru sales skyrocketed at the onset of the pandemic and remain a key source of revenue. When a drive-thru terminal or credit card reader stops working, that threatens margins directly. A single, 45-minute service disruption can easily cost a business $800–1200. Science On Call agents leverage a knowledge base of proven resolutions to curtail these incidents into five-minute outages, saving businesses thousands over the year.

The average first response time from a recent study of many technology companies was over seven hours, an eternity during the lunch rush. Science On Call responds to texts, phone calls, and emails within minutes, connecting restaurant staff to a real person who knows the restaurant’s tech-stack.

“Some of the most common challenges these days include disruptions with credit card readers and offline terminals,” Freivogel says. “Restaurant staff are not IT people: They don’t know whether the problem is related to Internet connectivity, hardware failure, or software problems. Asking an already-stressed keyholder at your restaurant to diagnose these issues on their own and then spend hours on the phone with a POS company or Internet service provider breaks the model of an efficient restaurant. Giving those employees—a restaurant’s most important asset—a single number to call for any technology challenge is a game-changer.”

Partnering with a 24/7 tech support team like Science On Call means employees can focus on their food, guests, and throughput.

Based in Chicago, Science On Call supports 46 brands nationwide, from cloud kitchens to small coffee shops to large fast-food chains, solving 99.5 percent of all tech issues remotely.

Says Kyle Glanville, founder and CEO of Go Get Em Tiger, “Science On Call is reliable, cost-effective geniuses. They are essential to our operation.”

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