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While customers are constantly on the lookout for something new and exciting, they’re also always delighted when they see a familiar favorite on your menu. Offering an array of regional sandwich favorites is a great way to address this growing demand and delight customers with the tastes they love as well as the ones they never knew they wanted.

There are countless regional sandwich favorites out there, but some of the most notable would be classics like the shrimp po’ boy in the South, lobster roll in the Northeast, the Reuben or barbecue brisket in the Midwest, and the French dip in the West. Depending on the region your operation is located, some of these may seem like no-brainers, but it’s important to consider branching out to other regional favorites on your menu.

Shrimp po’ boys give a traditional New Orleans classic a brilliant twist with crunchy, fried shrimp drenched in spicy remoulade sauce over a buttery bun. Other renditions of southern po’ boys can be made with different fried seafood or roast beef. You can complement the flavors on a shrimp po’ boy by recommending the sandwich be paired with Miss Vickie’s® Sea Salt Original Chips and rounding out the meal nicely in terms of both taste and texture.

Lobster rolls can be prepared traditionally with lobster and mayonnaise, or innovators can go a step further to add a twist, like spicing up the mixture with cayenne and lemon juice. Either way, this savory northeastern classic is a patron-pleasing delight in any region. To help enhance patrons’ experience even more, recommend pairing this sandwich with Miss Vickie’s® Sea Salt & Vinegar Flavored Chips for a perfect tangy-savory combination.

While there might not be a consensus on exactly where the Reuben originated, everyone can agree that it’s one of the most delicious ways to enjoy warm, mouthwatering corned beef, melty Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian Dressing and, of course, rye bread. You can always personalize it to fit your region better by replacing the Russian dressing with things like Thousand Island or the corned beef with Montreal-style smoked meat. Then spice things up with a side like Miss Vickie’s® Jalapeño Flavored Chips for a crunchy addition they’ll absolutely love.

We can’t leave the Midwest without talking about an all-American barbecue brisket sandwich. States from Virginia to California claim to have the best barbecue in the nation, so regardless of where your establishment is in the US, a sandwich piled high with brisket and a hearty dose of barbecue sauce on a toasted bun can be a popular staple. And nothing goes better with barbecue than barbecue, so recommend pairing the sandwich with Miss Vickie’s® Smokehouse BBQ Flavored Chips for a full-on barbecue feast.

And who could forget the French dip? The sandwich was born in Los Angeles, but now it’s loved in every US region and all over the world. The French dip serves up perfectly sliced roast beef with customers’ favorite cheese and, of course, au jus dip. Pair up all that goodness with Miss Vickie’s® Farmhouse White Cheddar Flavored Chips and you’ll have a meal menu item that’s simply delicious.

Of course, these are just a few examples. There are all kinds of regional favorites, so find what works best for you and your patrons. Just remember that catering to different regional tastes is a great way to diversify your menu and widen your appeal to even more hungry customers.

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