New archive technology helps quick-service brands stay profitable.

When wrongful claims arise, video footage is the most reliable, indisputable evidence to counter litigation. Absence of that footage can cost restaurants millions of dollars, not to mention loss of reputation and peace of mind. Managed video software solutions company Envysion offers industry support with its Cloud Archive long-term data storage service, which archives recorded video and audio footage from seven months to seven years. Since launching two years ago, the Cloud Archive now protects almost 20 percent of Envysion’s total 20,000 sites. This service complements the company’s already powerful software suite that drives restaurants to optimize productivity, asset protection, and loss prevention while providing accurate data and customized reporting. 

Director of Safety and Security for Eat n’ Park Hospitality Group Bill Moore has been using Envysion’s services since becoming director in 2012. All of the 60 full-service Eat n’ Park family restaurants in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia now use the Cloud Archive, as do all of the group’s Hello Bistro and The Porch establishments. “It’s a far cry from the original VHS tapes with one camera or footage for one week: the Monday tape, the Tuesday tape. Now we have video archived for two years, which surpasses the statute of limitations. Our CFO couldn’t be happier. Our liability has gone down so much because of this camera system,” Moore says. 

Access to live and recorded video footage assists the facilities department, allows operators to see when vendors are coming and going, and gives marketing the ability to track customer flow, while even the community at large and police appreciate the surveillance as an added security protocol. Easily integrated into existing on-premises camera equipment, video management plus Cloud Archive storage is accessible from any device at any time, providing intuitive solutions across teams and regions. 

“Our Cloud Archive solution was born from a specific quick-service problem area around general liability, risk management, and human resources accountability. Video provides businesses definitive evidence to support their legal position in a variety of cases,” says Scott Logie, vice president of product at Envysion. “Furthermore, customer and employee complaints of injury or mistreatment can arise months after the incident being reported took place, when most video solutions will have already overwritten that critical evidence.” 

While managers are usually quick to report incidents, according to both Moore and Logie, human error can occur. “We run into trouble when someone didn’t report something, and we might not have ever found out without video verification. With just one case it’s paid for itself,” Moore says. The very busy safety operations guru also enjoys the 24/7 mobile app accessibility, as he is oftentimes glued to the footage. “That way if I get called in the middle of the night about a possible robbery I can look right away, from anywhere and say, ‘Oh, that’s a false alarm, it’s all set.’”

Another clear advantage of video integration alongside data retrieval is streamlining POS efficiency. “We’re always looking for opportunities to move window customers quickly, what we call ‘line busting,’” says Moore, who reports improved speed of service at all locations, especially during the pandemic when the brand’s focus centered around take-out service. “And what’s really nice is I don’t have to go from location to location on a Friday afternoon to count cars in the line. I can just see from one spot and know what’s going on in minutes.” They can get the take-out line down to 30 seconds or pull cars out of line to assist in speed of service. To verify statistics, Moore has requested customized Envysion-led audit services and receives reports for line busting data and customer experience enhancements.

Managed video software combined with the future of the Cloud Archive long-term storage is bright with this month’s release of an update to the cloud video restoration, self-managed cameras, in-app health monitoring, and a shared archive clip repository. “We are incredibly excited to see customers embrace hybrid solutions that balance video stored locally and video stored long-term in the cloud. The support for this product and the adoption of cloud solutions will continue to allow us to explore ways to optimize cloud-based technology,” Logie says.

To learn more about how Cloud Archive can protect your restaurant, visit the Envysion website.

By Jocelyn Winn

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