Ensure operators stay profitable and on-trend with this clean-label fruit-based mixer.

Beverage programs are widely recognized as one of the most profitable aspects of a restaurant due to lower labor costs and the ability to offer a variety of drink options. However, challenges such as a tight labor market, inflation, and customers’ expectations for diverse drink options could potentially impact the profitability of beverage programs if not managed effectively by operators. Implementing beverage solutions that allow operators to do less with more is ideal for creating a beverage program that appeals to all customer demographics.

“The quality and consistency of beverages sold is a variable impacted by both the offerings and the process for executing that offering,” says Rich Shuey, executive director of sales for dining, hospitality, and leisure at Sunny Sky Products. “Brands that offer the right number and mix of beverages consistent with their customer demographic tend to have good overall results. Those that also include easy-to-execute new beverages in line with trends see the best results.”

Operators are busy enough without the constant pressure to identify current trends, and a beverage partner can help ensure operators’ beverage programs stay profitable and on-trend. “At the end of the day, Sunny Sky Products is big enough to handle any volume but small enough to listen to our client’s feedback and adjust to what we hear,” says Juan Carlo Mato, travel and resorts regional sales manager for Sunny Sky Products.

Sunny Sky Products stays on top of current trends by leveraging consumer research platforms and offering a wide variety of products that satisfy diverse demographics and operators’ needs. “Tropics Beverages offer restaurant operators a convenient and reliable solution for streamlining their beverage programs while still providing variety and quality to customers,” Mato says. 

Tropics is an ideal solution for operators looking to serve fresh, consistent, and streamlined beverage offerings whether alcohol is added or not. The brand unlocks the ability to keep up with alcoholic menu counterparts while appealing to consumers seeking low and no-alcohol beverage options with on-trend flavors.

“Tropic’s mixers increase productivity by streamlining the process of drink making,” Mato says. “With pre-mixed bases and flavors, staff can minimize wait times for the customer and improve overall flow.” Along with improving flow and processes, Tropic Beverages speaks to millennials and Gen Z, who value high-quality ingredients.

“Our clean-labeled, real-fruit-based, delicious Tropics Beverage mixes provide our customers with a way to provide an array of high-appeal beverage offerings, in a relatively easy-to-execute format,” Shuey says. “Everything from cocktails and mocktails to smoothies and dessert toppings can be made using Tropics, enabling brands to do more with less.” 

Through its focus on quality, versatility, and ease of execution, Tropics Beverages offers a compelling advantage for restaurant operators striving to maintain profitability and customer satisfaction in a challenging market environment. “Tropics Beverages is an overall beverage experience dedicated to helping operators thrive in a competitive market,” Mato says. “We have a proven track record, fantastic customer support and service, and our commitment to quality is unmatched.” 

For more information on how Tropic Beverages can streamline beverage operations visit tropics-beverages.com.

By Ya’el McLoud

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