Clean-label products and reliable flavors are in high demand.

Consumers are becoming more concerned with the ingredients and quality of beverages. According to a survey by Ingredient Communications, 75 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for clean-label food and drinks. As the summer months approach, consumers will be looking for light and refreshing beverages made with ingredients they are familiar with. 

Lemonade is a classic reliable beverage that is consistently popular and extremely versatile. Consumers seek out the freshly squeezed flavor, but making lemonade in-house is expensive and time-consuming. Alternatively, many concentrates are filled with ingredients that negate the comfort and reliability of the classic, nostalgic beverage.

Laurie Winward, vice president of research and development and innovation at Sunny Sky Products has some insights for operators looking to offer classic drinks with a twist this summer. “Consumers want clean beverages,” Winward says. “When an operator says lemon, they want lemon. They don’t want lemon flavors. Total transparency and being truthful with consumers makes a difference, which is why I’m very proud of Doctor Smoothie.” Dr. Smoothie Lemon Refresher and 100% Crushed Lemonade offer all the benefits of a shelf-stable, easy-to-store product for operators. Furthermore, they are clean-label and preservative-free, so consumers can be confident in what they are drinking.

Sixty-three percent of consumers say that food and beverage ingredients affect whether or not they buy it, according to a recent IFIC survey. As classics become more popular, restaurants strive to find a strategy that differentiates their drink menu, as similar items will be available everywhere.

Dr. Smoothie Lemon Refresher comes lightly caffeinated, giving it the edge it needs to attract those looking for a boost in energy to enjoy with their meal. It is naturally, lightly caffeinated with green coffee bean extract allowing customers a small pick-me-up without the jitters of a coffee or energy drink.

Not only can the Lemon Refresher and 100% Crushed Lemonade be made as a simple lemonade, but it can also be used in anything from a cocktail to a morning caffeinated smoothie. For a photo-ready treat, adding strawberry syrup or puree to the bottom of the cup creates an aesthetically pleasing ombre look that takes employees only a few seconds to prepare. Increasing consumer satisfaction and delight is easy by using a versatile base such as lemonade because of its flavor and color. It allows operators to innovate and offer LTOs, keeping customers intrigued and coming back for more.

With labor being an ongoing issue, products need to be quick and easy to prepare. Complicated recipes result in inconsistencies and longer wait times. “If operators don’t have the right products, it will kill their speed of service,” says Winward. Lemon Refresher and 100% Crushed Lemonade offer a simplicity not found in many products allowing quick and easy preparation.

“It’s not taking up room in operators refrigerators,” Winward says. “It can sit in the back of house for a while and maintain itself over time. They have a two-year shelf life. It is also very versatile. Lemon can pair with anything, so the sky is the limit with these.”

The Dr. Smoothie Lemon Refresher and 100% Crushed Lemonade provide operators with a versatile, shelf-stable, and clean-label option for creating bold-flavored beverages quickly and efficiently. Whether an operator wants an easy classic with a lightly caffeinated boost, or the ability to innovate, these concentrates provide that. 

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By Ya’el McLoud

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