How 26 Domino stores monitor cash drops and closing procedures.

Inflation. Labor shortages. The ongoing challenge of doing more with less. Restaurant operators have enough on their plates without having to worry about what’s happening in stores when they aren’t on-site.

Security cameras are a familiar sight at most restaurants. These video monitoring systems not only keep stores safe, but they work in tandem with other systems to help stop loss, protect profits, and improve operations.

Managers using camera systems spend valuable time just trying to access their video recordings, not to mention the extra effort of searching through them to find the information they need.

Cloud-based managed video software, such as Envysion, enables access to real-time and recorded footage across all of a brand’s locations anytime, from anywhere. Users can log in from a physical store or via their mobile device, with video access just a tap away.

“On the other platforms, for me to get a recording, I either had to do a screen recording on my phone while I watched the video or physically go on-site and use a thumb drive to download footage from the DVR,” says Vlad Zilber, director of operations for Boston Pie. “We have 26 Domino’s stores, so Envysion saves a lot of time and is much more convenient.”

Envysion integrates with data from point-of-sale (POS) and other business intelligence systems to give operators the full picture of what is happening inside and outside of their stores. For instance, operators can review exceptions for discounts and comped items alongside the corresponding video to spot trends with certain employees or verify whether a customer was present.

“If there’s an issue, I can just go to the order and see the video right away,” Zilber says. “It’s very easy for me to save a clip and be able to refer to it later on.”

But pairing video and POS data offers more than visibility into various issues. Knowing the pain points of your specific operation can also open up new business opportunities.

“A few months ago we started using Envysion to track ‘bad orders’ and ‘free orders’,” Zilber says. “In the stores with Envysion connected to the camera systems, we were able to reduce those incidents by 20 percent.”

At entrances, operators can see if guests are greeted in a timely manner, make sure the store opens on time, and check for cleanliness and liability issues (like whether sidewalks were shoveled on a snowy day or if a spill was properly cleaned up). In the back-of-house, they can verify liability claims and that staff is following brand procedures and food safety practices.

When cameras are positioned at the back door/delivery area, they can view vendor deliveries to ensure product is delivered on time and handled appropriately. Outside the building, users can confirm curbside pickups, see when the crew makes trash runs (or takes a break), and take action if they spot suspicious activity.

Another important place to have digital eyes is in the office, where cameras can monitor cash drops and closing procedures. Using the zoom feature within Envysion’s software makes it easy to read the denominations of bills.

For managers with limited time, Envysion offers a team of certified auditors who work as an extension of your team. These auditors find clips of incidents that identify possible loss and then submit them directly for review.

Video surveillance technology has come a long way in recent years. Monitoring transactions, operations, customer interactions, and employee performance is easier than ever before. Plus, the peace of mind that being able to check in on things from anywhere, anytime, is priceless.

“With so many aspects of restaurant operations, the systems that we have in our stores need to be simple,” Zilber says. “Security and loss prevention are things we don’t have to worry about anymore. You can just get your video and move on with your day.”

Contact Envysion today to learn more about how their solutions can help your pizza restaurant thrive in today’s challenging environment.

By Davina van Buren

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