Creating a safer, cleaner, more efficient kitchen.

Efficient and safe cooking oil management is crucial for operations to run smoothly in the fast-paced restaurant industry. Big Chicken, an 18-unit fast-casual fried chicken restaurant, has discovered a way to reduce kitchen chaos and enhance employee performance with an
innovative oil management solution.

Traditionally, changing and managing hot oil is a daunting and hazardous task. Improving safety and cleanliness drove Big Chicken toward a new oil system. “I’ve been in the industry for 29 years, and I’ve seen people drop hot oil on the floor because they didn’t handle it properly,” says Robert Ryan, executive chef at Big Chicken.

After disappointing partnerships with previous oil management companies, Ryan turned to Restaurant Technologies and has remained a loyal customer of theirs for over four years. This automated cooking oil management system removes the need to handle oil manually. The system effortlessly replaces old oil with fresh oil while maintaining a pristine level of cleanliness. “With this system, new oil is delivered from outside the building via a connection, so there are no oil spills or mess,” Ryan says. “This is particularly significant for us since we’re a fried chicken restaurant and use a lot of oil. It prevents those messy accidents in the kitchen. It’s a game-changer.”

From a safety perspective, the system spares employees from risky oil-handling tasks, drastically improving the overall working conditions in the kitchen and reducing the risk of injuries. “The system takes away the worry about safety,” Ryan says. It’s one less thing for franchisees to be concerned about. It’s been a blessing.” Ryan emphasizes the system’s ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements. Operators no longer need to remember to schedule fresh oil delivery or used cooking oil pick-up. The cloud-connected system notifies technicians when the tank is getting full, and they show up automatically.

“Changing oil has always been a task that no cook enjoys. The system ensures timely oil changes and maintains the quality of the oil. It also provides transparent pricing, a significant benefit,” Ryan says. “We know we’re not overcharged for the oil, which is important for our franchisees.”

Additionally, Big Chicken has seen increased staff retention since switching to Restaurant Technologies. “Employees are thrilled to see a system where they don’t need to handle hot oil or engage in the dirtiest jobs in the kitchen,” Ryan says. The relief of kitchen stress creates a happier and more motivated workforce.

Enhanced safety, cleanliness, and employee satisfaction allow Big Chicken to enjoy greater control and peace of mind in their daily operations. “You don’t have to worry with Restaurant Technologies. I’ve only received great responses from our franchisees,” Ryan says. “They’re the leaders in the industry for a reason.”

To ease the stress of oil management, visit the Restaurant Technologies website.

By Olivia Schuster

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