Deliver actionable performance insights to key staff when it matters most.

Maintaining efficiency can be an uphill battle, creating a snowball effect. With the industry experiencing extreme loads on its operational systems, lack of staff leads to working with smaller teams and shorter hours, which can result in lags in drive-thru services and extending crews across multiple locations. The key is to work smarter with the right technologies to prevent team burnout and alleviate labor and operational pressures. 

The path to relief begins with the HME NEXEO | HDX Crew Communication platform, which integrates with HME ZOOM Nitro Timer with video detection to enhance operational efficiency. Integration of these powerful platforms empowers key staff with critical alerts delivered to the employee through the headset in real time, like when a car arrives in a curbside pickup parking space, enabling the team to take immediate action and improve customer service on the spot. This integration gives employees the freedom to move about the restaurant and multitask while always being aware of critical service events. 

“Crews and managers move about the restaurant all day,” says Scott Mullica, director of product management at HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications. “Whether they’re in the kitchen, coaching a new employee, helping a mobile guest, or just busy in the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, ZOOM Nitro timer alerts to your NEXEO | HDX headset enable your team to prevent issues or correct something before it becomes a major problem.” 

With crews serving more customers than ever before at multiple touchpoints—the drive-thru, mobile orders, curbside, and dine-in—and operators navigating a labor shortage unlike anything the industry has experienced in a long time, restaurants need technologies that help them improve workflows and increase productivity.

“Drive thrus have evolved into operations with multiple order and pickup points,” Mullica says. “Restaurants need a communication solution that seamlessly connects drive-thru and crew communication, enabling customer service that exceeds expectations at every area of your operation.” 

NEXEO | HDX is the total communication platform that connects crews to drive-thru customers and other order pickup locations, ensuring complete coverage inside and outside the restaurant. Because of its multiple channels, the platform also enables dedicated communication for outside order takers and mobile order groups without interrupting drive-thru communication. HME CLOUD connectivity keeps the NEXEO platform up-to-date and prepared for the future of the industry. Plus, the platform is ready to integrate with voice AI providers for automated order taking.

“Even with a smaller team, you can reach your operational and service goals if you have the right technologies,” Mullica says. “The NEXEO | HDX platform provides industry-leading patented HD wideband audio with more flexibility than other systems. Plus, with actionable insights delivered to key staff in real time, your crew is empowered to make a positive impact on customer service and restaurant performance when it matters most.” 

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By Jocelyn Winn

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