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Sandwiches have always been a favorite meal among consumers. There are so many options and possibilities; it’s the perfect way to satisfy an enormous array of tastes and preferences. But what can your operation do to stand out?

The best way to ensure your place in consumers’ minds is to feature unique flavors and a deliciously diverse menu. 40% of customers say uniqueness is important, 45% say they’d like a wider variety of sandwiches and 39% want new or unique flavors*. All of that is to say that in order to stand out and drive traffic, you need to differentiate. Offer customers something they want and can’t find anywhere else.

But what do they want in a sandwich? Simply put: Ingredients. Fresh, premium ingredients are some of the most important factors consumers look for when determining which sandwich to order. Things like artisan cheeses, which 27% of consumers say they like on sandwiches* or a unique premium sauce developed in house. Give customers unique sandwiches with fresh, premium ingredients and you’ve hit a homerun. Which is, frankly, one of the most delicious kinds of homeruns you can hit.

66% of respondents say “fresh ingredients” are one of the most important things when deciding which sandwich to order.* And 42% consider “premium ingredients” one of the most important things.*

But protein plays a huge role as well. While there will always be a place for the most popular sandwich proteins like ham, roast beef, chicken, bacon, and steak, others have steadily been on the rise in recent years. Some of the fastest growing proteins, like capicola, cod, genoa salami, prime rib, pepperoni, and brisket, are becoming more and more in demand across the country. It’s another case where variety is important and quality makes all the difference.

80% of consumers say meat quality is the most important sandwich component.*

Of course, after you’ve decided on how to create the perfect sandwich menu, you’re only partly done. You also need to consider how you pair your sandwiches. Consumers rarely think of only a sandwich when they consider a meal these days. They expect a little more flavor, variety, and crunch, often in the form of chips. Here are a few handy recommendations from Miss Vickie’s® for which flavors pair well with which types of sandwiches.

43% of consumers prefer to order a combo meal when ordering a sandwich from a restaurant.* 

Type of Sandwich

Miss Vickie’s Chip Pairing


Jalapeno, Sea Salt Original


Sea Salt Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar


Sea Salt Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno


Sea Salt Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno, Smokehouse BBQ, Farmhouse White Cheddar


Sea Salt Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno

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                        * Technomic 2018 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report

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