The brand brings new prototype and menu innovations to the table.

Huddle House, the all-day breakfast, full-service restaurant concept opened its first location in Decatur, Georgia, over 50 years ago, and has since grown to over 300 units by serving up rich southern flavors. 

With a revenue stream that includes access to four different dayparts—including a presence within the $285 billion breakfast segment—there’s a lot to like about Huddle House’s growth prospects.

With the sweeping changes across the restaurant industry, Huddle House is tackling a new challenge: modernizing itself without compromising its signature Southern hospitality. The brand recently named Peter Ortiz chief development officer to help oversee its next growth phase. Ortiz has experience with growing brands like Moe’s Southwest Grill, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and Schlotzsky’s, and says he’s extremely eager to begin growing Huddle House into the brand he knows it can be.

“When you consider the 300-plus units that Huddle House has either open or under development, as well as our team’s commitment to modernize the concept, we are forming a strong foundation for the future,” Ortiz says. “I’m positive that talented multi-unit restaurant investors and operator groups will see why now is clearly the time to invest in Huddle House. The brand fills a unique space in the restaurant sector, offering an opportunity to take advantage of prime real estate availability in attractive markets that remain untapped.”

To support his optimism, Ortiz points to several factors that are helping Huddle House engage the modern customer. For one, Huddle House recently named Kirk Biondi executive chef and director of menu development with the aim of creating menu items that meet the growing demand for off-premises fare. Beginning in late August, Biondi and his team rolled out new LTOs: Southwestern and Homestyle Huddle Bowls and Wraps.

The Southwestern Bowl and Wrap are made up of tender steak, pepper jack cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and skillet potatoes topped with Bold Southwestern Sauce.

The Homestyle Huddle Bowl and Wrap come with two scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage gravy, shredded cheddar, and skillet potatoes. The Southwestern Bowl or Wrap, and the Homestyle Huddle Bowl or Wrap, are paired with a side of hash browns, grits, toast, biscuits, or seasonal fruit.

“We really wanted to focus on bold new flavor profiles that families could enjoy on-the-go,” Biondi says. “We are excited to start serving and sharing these new bowls and wraps with guests to make their experience even more delicious whether they dine in at our restaurants, or they are on the run during a busy day.”

Ortiz is also excited about tech upgrades like a new loyalty app that, like the menu innovations, will help propel the brand to new heights with the modern diner. In a further nod to the changing ways of doing business, Huddle House recently unveiled new store designs that help operators emphasize off-premises sales, with some locations even sporting a drive thru 

Now, Ortiz is looking for entrepreneurs with a proven track record to help develop and grow the brand both inside and outside of its core markets of Georgia and Alabama. Ortiz is looking for franchise partners in places like South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi, and certain people are taking notice. For example, Dr. Kyle and Sarah McKamey recently signed an agreement to open four locations across Tennessee and North Carolina.

“We are very excited to have the McKameys on board with Huddle House,” Ortiz says. “The couple’s passion for the brand and desire to make these restaurants a true family business beautifully aligns with the concept’s strong tradition of multi-generational ownership. We are confident that Dr. Kyle and Sarah’s commitment to the brand, and strong interpersonal skills, will help them achieve success in the restaurant industry.”

To find out more about franchising with Huddle House, visit the company’s franchising website. 


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