Tap into top cheese trends while up-charging for premium add ons.

As consumers continue to indulge in comfort foods post pandemic, cheese continues to reign supreme. According to Datassential, 81 percent of consumers love or like cheese and 60 percent of operators believe adding cheese helps an item sell better. Add-ons, like cheese sauces, are not only aiding quick-service restaurants in satisfying customers’ cravings and staying on top of trends but also simplifying back-of-house complexities.

“Regionally inspired cheese sauce flavors, like spicy and pimento, are on the rise,” says Chef Greg Gable, Corporate Chef for AFP advanced food products llc. “We’re also seeing cheese sauces paired with pizzas and incorporating cheese sauces in the growing breakfast daypart, showing operators the ability to customize dishes with additional cheese flavors.”

AFP, specializing in low-acid aseptic technology, positions themselves as a total foodservice solution provider. Not only offering a wide range of products and packaging, AFP provides customized industry and menu insight to align with customers’ initiatives. “We’re very in tune with our customers,” Gable says. “Some of the most exciting new items come from our innovation day collaborations.”

As a customer service-driven team, AFP collaborates closely with operators to tailor solutions to meet needs and introduce new cheese sauces and cheese-based offerings that can easily be upsold on menus without too much hassle for kitchens. “Americans love cheese, but we also love options, and having the choice to add cheese sauce to something is essential,” Gable says. “What would fries be like without cheese sauce?” 

Cheese sauce unlocks a world of customization options for the consumer and the operator. From a new dip flavor with their favorite crusts to a sauce on the pizza for a new easy LTO or as a higher cost ingredient swap. According to Datassential, one-third of consumers surveyed say they eat cheddar cheese multiple times a week. Furthermore, over 90 percent say it’s an essential part of pizza, making cheese sauce an easy win for operators.

AFP’s cheese sauces enhance menus and play a pivotal role in streamlining operations for foodservice operators, offering shelf-stable products that eliminate back-of-house strain. By offering a variety of packaging and size options, including pouches, dispensers, cans and cups, AFP ensures convenience and flexibility for operators. These aseptically packaged products provide extended shelf life, freeing up valuable refrigerated space and simplifying inventory management.

From benchtop samples to culinary support for ideation and troubleshooting, AFP provides comprehensive customer support to help operators maximize the potential of their cheese-based offerings. “Our product’s versatility is key, especially for our customers’ innovation,” says Brenda Foley, business development manager at AFP.  “Adaptability across menus is crucial, especially in today’s climate. Operators value how one of our products can be used in multiple ways to save costs.”

With AFP, cheese sauces are not just a condiment, but a strategic asset offering a winning combination of flavor, convenience, and profitability for foodservice operators. By staying trend-driven, collaborating closely with operators, and maintaining quality, AFP empowers operators to stay ahead of the curve and elevate menus and bottom lines with premium cheese offerings that keep customers coming back for more.

“We’re confident in our top-notch products’ consistency and high quality,” Gable says. “We offer a plethora of formulas or recipes catering to various flavor profiles. Whether it’s white sauces, spicy ones, or a multitude of cheddar options, we’ve got you covered.”

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By Drew Filipski

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