End-to-end data improves efficiency, ensures better customer experiences.

Digital ordering is here to stay. Customers love the speed, convenience, and control it gives them, and when it’s a good experience, they come back often.

Of course, restaurants have invested heavily to improve the digital order journey. They’ve built efficient make lines supported by tech stacks that optimize employee efficiency and provide data for measurement and optimization.

However, the moment a digital order is placed on a pickup shelf, efficiency ends, and the restaurant loses all visibility of that order. It can be picked up by the wrong customer, left sitting for hours, or stolen.

Orders gone wrong, with no clues or proof

Most order pickup problems are accidental. For instance, a customer named Kristen comes to the pickup shelf, sees a bag with her name, and grabs it. When she gets home, she realizes she grabbed a bag for another Kristen. She doesn’t have time to go back, so she eats the other order, although it’s not what she wanted.

When the other Kristen arrives, she can’t find her order. She gets an employee’s attention and asks why her order isn’t there. The manager is called over, and five minutes later he apologizes and hands her a freshly made order.

Both Kristens had bad experiences, but the manager has no idea what actually happened. Was it an honest mistake or theft? Did a third-party delivery driver take it? Without data to answer those questions, the restaurant will continue to face unhappy customers, expensive remakes, higher food costs, and lost productivity for employees. These pickup problems often happen three or four times a day, costing operators hundreds of dollars a week.

Smart food lockers provide answers with data

There’s an easy fix. By replacing their pickup shelves with OrderHQ Smart Food Lockers, restaurants eliminate unauthorized order pickups and gain data for order pickup that creates a digital chain of custody for each order. Now they know when the order was placed in the locker, how long it waited there, who picked it up, and at what time.

Employees increase throughput and unauthorized pickups are eliminated, saving hundreds of dollars a week in remakes and chargebacks.

Customers now know pickup will be fast and reliable, so they choose to order from the brand’s app, reducing delivery service provider fees for the operator.

The brand also gets new accountability with an end-to-end digital chain of custody for every order at every store in its portfolio. They can use this to verify delivery service times and negotiate rates based on data, not guesswork.

Find out how OrderHQ Smart Food Lockers complete the tech stack and ensure every customer experience is a great one.

To learn more, visit the Apex Pickup Order Solutions website

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